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(first lines)
Judith Reynolds: Daddy!
Martin Reynolds: Darling! How you've grown! Is Mummy in?
Judith Reynolds: Mummy isn't here. She went out.
Martin Reynolds: Didn't she get my cable? (imdb.com)

Franca: I'm the children's nanny.
Martin Reynolds: How do you do? I had expected Mrs. Reynolds to be here. When do you expect her back?
Franca: She didn't tell me. Will you take Judith out?
Martin Reynolds: Yes, of course.
Franca: Would you prefer it if I came with you? Mrs. Reynolds thought that if I...
Judith Reynolds: Oh, no, Franca. I'll behave myself, I promise. (imdb.com)

Franca: Judith, will you come down?
Judith Reynolds: Come and get me.
Franca: Judith, come down!
Judith Reynolds: Come and get me!
(Franca looks at Martin, who shrugs)
Franca: Judith, come on now.
Judith Reynolds: (laughing) Come up here, Franca. Daddy wants to see you play in the water.
Franca: Now you're just being silly, showing off in front of your father. You wouldn't disobey me if your mother was here. (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: I had a lovely time.
Martin Reynolds: So did I.
Judith Reynolds: Will I see you tomorrow?
Martin Reynolds: Of course. As long as I'm here.
Judith Reynolds: How long?
Martin Reynolds: Well, I don't know.
Judith Reynolds: Sort of?
Franca: Judith, you haven't to make such a nuisance. (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: I'm not asleep.
Jane Reynolds: Oh, yes, you are. Do you know what time it is?
Judith Reynolds: Have you seen Daddy?
Jane Reynolds: What time did you go to bed?
Judith Reynolds: Have you? Ask him to come home.
Jane Reynolds: You just settle down and go to sleep.
Judith Reynolds: He'd come home, I know he would, if you asked him.
(Peggy comes in)
Peggy: We don't want him to come home. It isn't his home, we don't want him here.
Jane Reynolds: Peggy, for heaven's sake! (imdb.com)

Peggy: Where have you been? Why are you so late?
Jane Reynolds: Well, you didn't have to wait up for me.
Peggy: I couldn't sleep.
Judith Reynolds: I want Daddy to come home!
Peggy: Have you seen him?
Jane Reynolds: I don't think that's any of your business, either one of you.
Peggy: (shouting) Have you seen Daddy?
Jane Reynolds: No. (imdb.com)

Peggy: Will he come back and live with us?
Jane Reynolds: Do you want him to?
Peggy: Sometimes I think yes, but then... why did he go away? If only I knew. Do you know? Was it something I did?
Jane Reynolds: No, nothing you did, believe me.
Peggy: Why did he go away?
Jane Reynolds: Why don't you ask him?
Peggy: I don't want to see him. (imdb.com)

Tommy Reynolds: Did you go back to his hotel?
Jane Reynolds: What? Why should I?
Tommy Reynolds: You're still married.
Jane Reynolds: Not so you'd notice.
Tommy Reynolds: You still call yourself Mrs. Reynolds.
Jane Reynolds: Only when I sign checks.
Tommy Reynolds: Are you going to see him again?
Jane Reynolds: I don't know. (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: Mummy, Franca says I can't phone Daddy.
Jane Reynolds: What do you want to talk to him for?
Judith Reynolds: He said I could have lunch with him today.
Jane Reynolds: You're going to school.
Judith Reynolds: Tommy's having lunch with him.
Jane Reynolds: Tommy is seventeen and he doesn't go to school.
Judith Reynolds: It's not fair! I want to have lunch with Daddy!
Jane Reynolds: Well, you can't! (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: All right! All bloody right!
Jane Reynolds: (shocked) Judith! (imdb.com)

Jane Reynolds: You shouldn't have left me.
Martin Reynolds: You mean you're only faithful to me when I'm with you, because you have no choice?
Jane Reynolds: Of course not. I always have a choice. But you shouldn't have left me alone in Rome.
Martin Reynolds: Who is it? Someone I know?
Jane Reynolds: Of course. Do you think I'd go off with some stranger? It's a friend. (imdb.com)

Martin Reynolds: Is Mrs. Reynolds at home?
Franca: No.
Martin Reynolds: When do you expect her back?
Peggy: Mummy doesn't want to see you!
Martin Reynolds: Peggy!
Peggy: She doesn't want to see you!
(Judith comes in and runs to Martin)
Judith Reynolds: Daddy!
Peggy: Go away!
Judith Reynolds: What are you doing here? I didn't know. You didn't say.
Peggy: Go away!
Martin Reynolds: I'm sorry, Peggy.
Judith Reynolds: No, don't go away. You only just got here.
Peggy: (crying) Leave us alone! You can't you leave us alone?
Judith Reynolds: Don't go away.
Martin Reynolds: I'll come back very soon. I won't stay away long. (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: You told Daddy to go away, and now he's not coming back!
Franca: What's going on?
Judith Reynolds: I'm talking to Peggy, not you. She sent Daddy away! I hate her!
Franca: Judith, you cannot say things like that.
Judith Reynolds: She's mean and hateful and so are you!
Peggy: Judith, go away.
Franca: Peggy, be quiet. Judith, go to your room.
Judith Reynolds: I won't! And I won't speak to any of you!
Tommy Reynolds: (coming in) What's going on? What's all the noise about?
Judith Reynolds: Her. I'm fed up with her and with you.
Franca: Judith, I'm telling you for the last time.
Judith Reynolds: Let me go!
Tommy Reynolds: Look, you just cool it, all right? Get into your room. (imdb.com)

Franca: Madam, the children.
Jane Reynolds: What's wrong?
Franca: Their father came to see them.
Jane Reynolds: What happened?
Franca: There was so much anger.
Jane Reynolds: Are they all right?
Franca: They won't speak to me. (imdb.com)

Judith Reynolds: Daddy's gone away.
Jane Reynolds: I know, darling, but he'll come back soon.
Judith Reynolds: No, he won't.
Jane Reynolds: Yes, he will. He promised.
Judith Reynolds: (crying) But I told him I don't want him coming back. (imdb.com)

Jane Reynolds: Thanks for telling Peggy about my seeing Daddy last night.
Tommy Reynolds: Was it a secret?
Jane Reynolds: Not anymore.
Tommy Reynolds: Sorry. (imdb.com)

Jane Reynolds: You can be pretty dumb sometimes, considering how smart you think you are. (imdb.com)

Jane Reynolds: You're a lot of help.
Tommy Reynolds: Aw, give us a kiss. (imdb.com)

(last lines)
Judith Reynolds: Has Daddy gone?
Jane Reynolds: Yes, he has.
Judith Reynolds: He didn't say goodbye.
Jane Reynolds: He sent his love.
Judith Reynolds: Will you read me a story?
Jane Reynolds: That I will. (imdb.com)

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