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Reuben Shapira: I haven't been to school in like, months.
Joshua Shapira: Why not?
Reuben Shapira: It's boring. Rather be smoking bud in a museum. Let's go see the snakes.
Reuben Shapira: (after a pause) I'm f**ked up.

(first lines)
Joshua Shapira: It's done.

Joshua Shapira: (Joshua is about to execute Pahlevi) Hey, do you believe in God?
Pahlevi: (sobbing) Yes!
Joshua Shapira: Good. We'll wait ten seconds and see if he comes to save you.

(Joshua has returned home with Reuben. He faces his father for the first time in years)
Arkady Shapira: (to Reuben) Did you let him in?
Reuben Shapira: (shrugs. Arkady slaps him, and Joshua punches his father in retaliation)
Joshua Shapira: He gets what I got, is that it?
Reuben Shapira: Josh...
Joshua Shapira: Don't you f**kin' hit him!
Arkady Shapira: Get out of my house.
Reuben Shapira: Josh, come on...
Arkady Shapira: Get out of my house, or I swear to you, you get belt.
Arkady Shapira: (brandishing his belt) Get out of my house! Get OUT of my house!
(they start to fight)
Joshua Shapira: f**k you!
Arkady Shapira: Get out of my house!
Joshua Shapira: I'll f**king kill you! You f**king lay a hand on me!
Arkady Shapira: Get out.
(Reuben pulls Joshua away)
Arkady Shapira: Get out, I said! Get out! Murderer! Out!

Reuben Shapira: Josh. Josh, hey. It's me.
Joshua Shapira: Get outta here.
Reuben Shapira: Can't we meet later?
Joshua Shapira: It's not safe.
Reuben Shapira: Then we'll meet later somewhere else.
Joshua Shapira: Can't do that. I'm sorry. You look good, though. You're growing.
Reuben Shapira: Mom's gonna die. She got a brain tumor.
Joshua Shapira: Pop still work at the stand?
Reuben Shapira: Yeah.
Joshua Shapira: Be under the boardwalk. Near Nathan's, tomorrow at four.
Reuben Shapira: Okay.
Joshua Shapira: C'mere. How'd you know I was here? I won't do anything, just tell me.
Reuben Shapira: Sacha Ronov told me.
Joshua Shapira: Nobody can know I'm here. Not your friends, not their relatives, nobody. Don't discuss it with Sacha or anybody else. Okay? See you tomorrow.

Arkady Shapira: You know there is a saying: When a child is six years old, it says, "the father can do everything". When he's twelve, he says, "the father can almost do everything". When he's sixteen, he says, "the father is an idiot". When he's twenty-four, he says, "the father wasn't maybe such an idiot", and then, when he's forty, he says, "if I could only ask my father". But I'm afraid my sons will never ask themselves that.

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