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(Reed opens the bathroom door as Sue get's out)
Susan Storm: (Sue goes invisible) You could knock!
Reed Richards: Sorry.
(Reed slams the door shut) (

(in a heated fight with Ben)
Johnny Storm: Let's see if we can get blood from a stone. (

Nurse: Johnny! You're on fire!
Johnny Storm: Thanks! You're pretty good too! (

(Reed tries to kiss an invisible Sue)
Susan Storm: That's my nose, genius. These are my lips.
(she kisses him) (

Reporter- City TV: Excuse me. That thing doesn't look so fantastic.
Reed Richards: Ben Grimm is a genuine American hero.
Johnny Storm: What he means is, every team needs a mascot.
(the reporters laugh)
Johnny Storm: A new day is dawning. *The day of the Fantastic Four!* (

Ben Grimm: (complaining about Johnny) That underwear model washed out at NASA for bringing two Victoria's Secret wannabes into a flight simulator.
Reed Richards: Youthful high spirits.
Ben Grimm: They crashed it into a wall. (

Johnny Storm: If you're good, maybe daddy'll let you drive.
Ben Grimm: You keep talking and there won't be a next time! (

Ben Grimm: Ladies, I'm gonna need to borrow your car.
Old Lady with Car #2: The transmission sticks.
Ben Grimm: Not gonna be a problem!
(hurls the car in the direction of Doom) (

Johnny Storm: Please tell me your guy's not trying to rekindle things with my sister again.
Ben Grimm: Of course not. It's strictly business.
Johnny Storm: Yes. Well, his eyes say differently, don't they?
Ben Grimm: Hey. Two hearts got busted last time. Maybe she's not over it either.
Johnny Storm: Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. Let's think about that. You got Victor: more money than god, stud of the year. And you got Reed: world's dumbest smart guy, worth less than a postage stamp. That's a real toss-up.
Ben Grimm: Don't trouble your tiny little mind.
Johnny Storm: Don't wander off now, boy. (

Reed Richards: A few days in space. What's the worst that could happen? (

(watching Johnny on TV at the Moto-X Games)
Susan Storm: He didn't.
Ben Grimm: Oh, yes, he did! Flame boy never listens!
Susan Storm: What did he do to his uniform?
X Games Reporter: Johnny, I've got to ask you about this outfit.
Johnny Storm: Yeah, it's sorta Armani meets astronaut.
X Games Reporter: So, what are your superhero names?
Johnny Storm: They call me the Human Torch. Ladies call me Torch.
X Games Reporter: What about the rest of the team?
(Sue's picture is shown on the huge screen)
Johnny Storm: That's the Invisible Girl.
Susan Storm: "Girl"?
X Games Reporter: What about your leader, Reed Richards? I hear you call him Mr. Fantastic.
Ben Grimm: Could've been worse.
Reed Richards: I guess. (

Johnny Storm: (puts thermometer in nurse's pocket) That's yours.
(kisses nurse)
Johnny Storm: That's mine. (

Susan Storm: Johnny, have you seen Ben?
Johnny Storm: Yeah, Sunshine just left. Look Sue, I'm sorry, I... I can't stay in this freak show, I gotta get back to the real world.
Susan Storm: You're calling that the real world?
Johnny Storm: Sue stop, you're not mum, don't talk to me like I'm a little boy, okay?
Susan Storm: Maybe I would if you stopped acting like one! Do you even hear yourself? Who do you think you are?
Johnny Storm: Why is everyone on my ass? If you guys are jealous, that's fine; I didn't expect it to come from you though.
Susan Storm: You really think those people out there care about you? You're just a fad to them, Johnny!
Johnny Storm: Let's try something new. You live your life, I'll live mine. Sound good?
(before Johnny walks out of the Baxter Building, he turns back to Sue)
Johnny Storm: Oh, and just for the record - they love me! (

Alicia Masters: (heading toward the door) See you later, Ben.
(pauses and turns around)
Alicia Masters: I'm Alicia, by the way. (

Victor Von Doom: It's time to end this.
Ben Grimm: No, Vic. It's clobbering time!
(he sends Dr. Doom flying. A metal painting falls on the latter)
Ben Grimm: Damn, I've been waiting to do that! (

Reed Richards: I'm trying to figure out why we each ended up with different symptoms.
Johnny Storm: Oh, well that's easy: I'm hot. You're... well, you're a little limp. Sue's easy to see through. And Ben's always been a hardass. (

Susan Storm: We're all in this together, Ben.
Ben Grimm: Together? Susie, look at me. You got no idea what I'd - what I'd give to be invisible. (

Ben Grimm: You know, you could'a run an ad in the personals.
Alicia Masters: Sensual blind chick seeks three-ton, rock-hard he-man for deep spiritual relationship.
Ben Grimm: (sounding more hopeful than realistic) This ain't permanent. My friend Reed is working on a cure... I think.
Alicia Masters: Bennie... you feel good 'as is'. (

Victor Von Doom: (torturing Reed) Painful? You don't know the meaning of the word. (

(Susan's invisibility has worn off and she's now standing in front of a crowd in her underwear)
Reed Richards: I see you've been working out.
Susan Storm: Shut up! (

Ben Grimm: (after finding out that he's working for Johnny) I cannot take orders from the underwear model. (

Alicia Masters: You know, being different isn't always a bad thing.
Ben Grimm: Trust me, this ain't one of them times.
Alicia Masters: Not if you don't want it to be. (

Johnny Storm: I need names... and shots. Bartender! (

Reed Richards: Ben, I've been crunching the numbers on the machine. I think if we can rework the power settings...
Ben Grimm: (casually) Forget it, egghead. I'm good as is.
Alicia Masters: (approaches and hands Ben a large metal mug of beer) Better than good, baby.
(they clink glasses causing hers to shatter)
Alicia Masters: You just... need to work on your touch.
Ben Grimm: (hugging her and smiling widely) I like the sound of that. (

Susan Storm: (invisible) Look at me!
Reed Richards: I can't. (

Victor Von Doom: I've always wanted power. Now I have an unlimited supply.
Ben Grimm: And no Thing to stand in your way. (

Johnny Storm: (adjusting Ben's suit) Please tell me your guy isn't trying to rekindle things with my sister.
Ben Grimm: 'Course not. This time it's strictly business.
Johnny Storm: His eyes say differently, don't they?
Ben Grimm: (grabbing Johnny's arm) Hey. Two hearts got busted last time. Maybe she's not over it either.
Johnny Storm: Wow, Dr. Phil, that's deep. (

Susan Storm: You don't want to walk around on fire for the rest of your life, do you?
Johnny Storm: Is that a trick question? (

Susan Storm: It's got to be the cloud! It's fundamentally altered our DNA!
Reed Richards: Now, let's not jump to conclusions. We need much more scientific evidence before we can say that.
Johnny Storm: Hey, guys!
(his thumb is on fire. He snaps his fingers, and it goes out. He snaps it on again, then off again)
Johnny Storm: Now picture that... But everywhere! I mean... Everywhere! *What*?
Reed Richards: ...The cloud has fundamentally altered our DNA. (

Nurse: (taking Johnny's temperature which charges the electronic thermometer to 209 degrees) My God! You're hot!
Johnny Storm: Why, thank you. So are you. (

Johnny Storm: Let's think about it, you've got Victor, more money than God, stud of the year, and you've got Reed, the world's dumbest smart guy, worth less than a postage stamp. That's a real toss up.
Ben Grimm: Don't trouble your tiny little mind. (

(Standing in underware, yelling at Reed)
Susan Storm: Any more bright ideas? Why don't you strip down and have a hundred people stare at you! (

Victor Von Doom: Two down. Two to go. (

(Ben Grimm sees a man about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge)
Ben Grimm: Hey! You think you got problems, you take a good look, pal. (

Reed Richards: I found a broken gasket from space. (

Ernie: (in Ben's defense) This is Ben Grimm here - the first mook from Brooklyn to go into outer space. So pay him some respect. (

(Ben zips Johnny's suit all the way up)
Johnny Storm: Thank you. That's so sweet.
Ben Grimm: I can handle this ship. I can even handle Mr. Blonde Ambition. But I don't know if I should be flying or doing Swan Lake in these suits. (

Susan Storm: You were at 4,000 degrees Kelvin! You were approaching Super-Nova!
Johnny Storm: Sweet!
Susan Storm: No, not "sweet"! That's the heat of the sun!
Reed Richards: You could kill yourself, other people, and burn up the atmosphere, ending all human life as we know it.
Johnny Storm: Got it. Super-Nova bad. (

Von Doom's Doctor: Your entire biophysical structure is changing.
Victor Von Doom: That's terrible news.
(he kills the Doctor)
Victor Von Doom: I think I'll get a second opinion. (

Victor Von Doom: (proposing to Sue Storm) Four words, Sue. Four words that will change our lives forever...
Reed Richards: (interrupting) The cloud is accelerating! (

Ben Grimm: Good thing you're flexible enough to watch your own back... 'cause I ain't doing it no more. (

Chief Fireman: Who's the leader?
Johnny Storm: That would be me!
Chief Fireman: No, really. (

Ned Cecil: (to Victor) About the I.P.O.- no hard feelings, right? Nothing personal. You know, you could always move back to Latveria and start fresh. Maybe that's where you belong - the old country.
(Victor shoots electricity through Ned's body which burns a hole in his chest)
Victor Von Doom: Nothing personal, Ned... but I'm not going anywhere. (

Susan Storm: It's too dangerous for you to go out into public.
Johnny Storm: You've been saying that for years. (

Victor Von Doom: (to Reed) Why the long face? Let's talk in my office. (

Chief Fireman: Who's the leader?
Johnny Storm: That would be me!
Chief Fireman: No, really.

Victor Von Doom: (after he turns Ben to normal) Take a good look Ben. This is what a man looks like who embraces his destiny.
(punches Ben and sends him crashing)
Victor Von Doom: One down - three to go.
Reed Richards: (appearing on the landing) Vic?
Victor Von Doom: Right on cue!

Susan Storm: Remember our first date here? God, I was nervous!
Reed Richards: You know, I'd bribed the projectionist ten bucks to keep the place open late.
Susan Storm: Really?
Reed Richards: Mm.
Susan Storm: I gave him twenty!

Johnny Storm: (diving off a building trying to turn his power on) Come on, come on, come on. Flame on!

Ben Grimm: (after trying to make a phone call when first becoming the Thing) Little buttons!

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