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(Oscar pulls out a bag of pills from a decoy soda can)
Alex: You're not taking everything, are you?
Oscar: No, only his share.
Alex: Man, that's a lot of gear!
Oscar: Yeah...
Alex: sh*t, that's f**king dangerous, you know. You should let him come and f**king pick it up himself.
Oscar: No, he won't come by here anymore. Not after what happened with his mother.
Alex: What, he found out?
Oscar: Yeah.
Alex: How did he find out?
Oscar: I don't wanna talk about it.

Linda: This thing is not my brother.
(Empties Oscar's ashes into the sink)

Bruno: Baby, you like snakes?

Linda: (on ecstasy, dancing with Alex) Oscar, who is this man? He's doing... he's trying to... f**k me.

Alex: The drug guy, he's a dirty bastard you know. Yeah, he likes boys.
Oscar: Who is this?
Alex: Bruno, the guy that gave me drugs. Don't even take a drink. You take a drink, you might wake up two days later with his sh*t in your mouth, you know.
Alex: Or your own sh*t, you know. I should be able to get him to see you today but I won't come back with you so you should be careful. You know what his new trick is? He can't even be turned on by f**king now, so what he does is...
Oscar: (looking over the balcony) Hey... I'm not gonna *jump* from here, am I?
Alex: Hey, once a new guy gives him a blowjob, yeah, he sticks his finger inside his own ass, and then he wipes his finger on the back of their head. So they walk around with sh*t on their hair.

Bruno: Aw, you look just like me.

Oscar: (holds out bag of pills) Wanna try some?
Dancer: Sure.
Mario: (enters room) Get ready, you guys...
(sees Oscar, approaches him)
Mario: What the f**k are you doing in here?
Oscar: Doesn't matter to you I'm not hurting anybody...
Mario: (grabs bag of pills) sh*t!
Oscar: Don't touch my stuff...
Mario: (slaps Oscar) You're selling the drugs to my girls?
Oscar: f**k off, give it back!
Mario: f**k!
(grabs Oscar)
Mario: If I ever see you again here, I'm gonna kill ya.

Oscar: Hey, man... that's my sister, okay? So don't touch her.
Mario: (smirks) Be a good brother.

Oscar: Do you remember that pact we made? We promised to never leave each other.

Alex: I bumped into your sister.
Oscar: Yeah?
Alex: Yeah. Following that c**t, Mario.
Oscar: f**king hate that guy.
Alex: I can't believe she's going out with him, you know?
Oscar: If she ever gets pregnant, I'll kill the baby. I swear to God.

Linda: They're f**king a**h*les. First they said he had a gun, and now they won't even take a f**king autopsy.
Linda: I can't believe this is real.

Bruno: (watching Oscar smoke DMT) Just light 'er up. Yeah, you gotta watch out, because you could drop it, you might f**kin' burn yourself. So if you want, next time... I could hold it for you.

Alex: You know what this reminds me?
Oscar: What?
Alex: Smoking. It reminds me of s*cking on my mother's nipples. Best thing in my life.
Oscar: Yeah, freak... When is this acid gonna be hitting me?

Linda: This thing is not my brother
(while she empties oscar's ashes (from the urn) into the sink) (imdb.com)

Oscar: We stuck in this world for our betrayal
Oscar: Everybody who has a job is just a slave (imdb.com)

Bruno: Do you like snakes? (imdb.com)

Oscar: Do you remember that pact we made? We promised not to leave each other. No matter what. (imdb.com)

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