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James Bond: What are you, CIA?
Jinx: NSA. Hello, we're on the same side.
James Bond: Doesn't mean we're after the same thing.
Jinx: Sure it does. World peace, unconditional love, and our little friend with the expensive acne. (imdb.com)

James Bond: I'm checking out. Thanks for the Kiss of Life. (imdb.com)

James Bond: You know, you're cleverer than you look.
Q: Still, better than looking cleverer than you are. (imdb.com)

Falco: You get your house in order, or we're gonna do it for you. (imdb.com)

Falco: We're here in case things escalate, not to make sure they do. (imdb.com)

Patient: What the hell do you want? I don't need a goddamn wheelchair.
James Bond: No?
(punches him)
James Bond: You do now. (imdb.com)

James Bond: I see you don't chase dreams, you live them.
Graves: One of the virtues of never sleeping. (imdb.com)

James Bond: Zao, I've been traded. Your time will come.
Zao: Yes, but not as soon as yours. (imdb.com)

Mr. Chang: Ah, Mr Bond, a little thank you from us.
(Hands a box to Bond)
James Bond: (Bond finds money and a ticket to Cuba in the box) Cuba.
Mr. Chang: It seems Mr. Zao has lost himself in Havana. If you find him, say goodbye from us.
James Bond: With pleasure. (imdb.com)

James Bond: Not Jinx anymore?
Jinx: Oh, I'll always be a jinx to you. (imdb.com)

Reporter: After an entrance like that you can't be surprised you've been called a self-publicizing adrenaline junkie, can you?
Graves: I prefer the term adventurer. (imdb.com)

Zao: Why are you trying to kill me?
Jinx: I thought it was the humane thing to do. (imdb.com)

M: You had your cyanide...
James Bond: Threw it away years ago... (imdb.com)

Miranda Frost: He'll light the fuse on any explosive situation, and be a danger to himself and others. (imdb.com)

James Bond: I know the rules, and number one is "no deals'. (imdb.com)

Jinx: Giacinta Johnson. My friends call me Jinx.
James Bond: My friends call me James Bond. (imdb.com)

(first lines)
Mr. Van Bierk: (stepping out of helicopter) Look, what is this? I'm supposed to...
(Bond puts a gun to Mr. Van Bierk's head and takes his sunglasses) (imdb.com)

James Bond: I'm looking for a North Korean.
Raul: Tourist?
James Bond: Terrorist.
Raul: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. (imdb.com)

Miranda Frost: This is crazy. You're a double O.
James Bond: It's only a number... (imdb.com)

James Bond: Check the tape. You'll find he's dead and she only has a flesh wound.
Q: There's always an excuse, isn't there, Double-O-Zero? (imdb.com)

M: What did you find in Cuba?
James Bond: A clinic specializing in gene therapy - new identities courtesy of DNA transplants.
M: A self-called beauty parlour... We heard rumours of such a place - I didn't think it even existed!
James Bond: It doesn't any more... (imdb.com)

James Bond: You must be joking.
Q: As I learned from my predecessor, Bond, I never joke about my work. (imdb.com)

Colonel Moon: Mr Van Bierk.
(Picks up Tankbuster)
Colonel Moon: Our new tankbuster. Depleted uranium shells, naturally.
James Bond: Naturally. (imdb.com)

Graves: (fencing with Bond) Since you've upped the stakes, let's up the weapons, shall we? Let's do this the old-fashioned way - first blood drawn from the torso!
(He grabs two swords and throws one to Bond) (imdb.com)

Reporter: We've been hearing rumors about the Icarus space program. What's the big secret?
Graves: It's not a secret, it's a surprise. (imdb.com)

Miranda Frost: Hah! I can read your every move!
Jinx: (Jinx stabs Miranda with a knife embedded in a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War")
Jinx: Read THIS...
(kicks the knife in Miranda's chest)
Jinx: b*tch! (imdb.com)

Graves: Look. Parachutes for both of us.
(throws one out the window)
Graves: Whoops. Not anymore. (imdb.com)

James Bond: Do you believe in bad luck?
Jinx: Let's just say my relationships don't seem to last.
James Bond: I know the feeling. (imdb.com)

(last lines)
Jinx: Wait, don't pull it out. I'm not finished with it yet.
James Bond: See? It's a perfect fit.
Jinx: Uh-hm. Leave it in.
James Bond: It's gotta come out sooner or later.
Jinx: No, leave it in, please. Few more minutes?
James Bond: We really have to get these back.
Jinx: Still the good guys, huh?
James Bond: I'm still not quite sure how good you are.
Jinx: I am so good.
James Bond: Especially when you're bad. (imdb.com)

Graves: Care to place a bet, Verity?
Verity: No, thanks. I don't like c*ckfights. (imdb.com)

Colonel Moon: That'll teach you to lecture me. Get me another anger management therapist. (imdb.com)

(Q and Bond enter Q's office as Bond looks around at the vast array of devices left over from previous cases)
James Bond: So, this is where they keep the old relics, then, eh?
Q: I'll have you know our TOP cutting-edge technology is designed here.
James Bond: (releasing the knife from the briefcase used in the From Russia With Love affair and fingering a blade) Point taken...
Q: Must you touch everything?
James Bond: (seeing his Thunderball jet pack) Hey, does this still work?
(James activates the jet pack, and Q struggles to subdue it)
Q: Now look...
James Bond: (holding up the knife-studded shoe worn by Rosa Klebb years ago) So where is this cutting-edge stuff?
Q: I'm trying to get to it. (imdb.com)

Falco: I hope nobody here's superstitious. That's one big mirror we're about to break. (imdb.com)

James Bond: Good thing I asked for it shaken. (imdb.com)

Zao: Who sent you?
Jinx: Yo' mama. And she told me to tell you she's really disappointed in you. (imdb.com)

Jinx: (to Bond, regarding Miranda Frost's body)
Jinx: I think I broke her heart. (imdb.com)

Graves: Are you a gambling man Mr. Bond?
James Bond: If the stakes are right. (imdb.com)

Mr. Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
James Bond: Now there's a name to die for. (imdb.com)

Jinx: Ornithologist, huh? Wow. Now there's a mouthful. (imdb.com)

Graves: The pleasure of the kill is in the chase. (imdb.com)

James Bond: You know, I've missed your sparkling personality.
Zao: (punching Bond in the stomach) How's that for a punch line? (imdb.com)

Verity: I see you handle your weapon well.
James Bond: I have been known to keep my tip up. (imdb.com)

(In greeting)
Miranda Frost: Mr. Bond. And Miss...?
Jinx: Swift, "Space and Technology" magazine.
Miranda Frost: Really? I take it Mr. Bond's been explaining his Big Bang theory?
Jinx: Oh yeah, I think I got the thrust of it. (imdb.com)

James Bond: Check the tape. You'll find he's dead and she only has a flesh wound.
Q: There's always an excuse, isn't there, Double-O-Zero?

(Moneypenny is typing a disinformative newspaper report in her office, when 007 walks in)
Miss Moneypenny: James...
(They begin to make out, when all of a sudden... )
Q: (walking in) Moneypenny?
(Moneypenny sits up and in reality is in the virtual reality simulation centre)
Miss Moneypenny: Um... I was... just testing it out.
(She blushes and buttons her blouse)
Q: It's rather hard, isn't it?
Miss Moneypenny: Yes... very...

James Bond: Saved by the bell.

Zao: It appears we are equal... in the eyes of spies.
James Bond: Equal... but not even.

Falco: You get your house in order, or we're gonna do it for you.

James Bond: So you live to die another day.

Verity: I see you handle your weapon well.
James Bond: I have been known to keep my tip up.

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