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The Peers, Sardars,Bhotars vaderas and Syeds have converted Sindh into virtual Hell,Dozakh. Present day Sindh is not my Sindh

Professor sahib, (a hearing-impaired person), brought a hearing aid from baazar, worn in ear and was became able to hear everything. One day I asked from him, " sir, how are you feeling with this device?" He replied, "Baba, "there is too much noise in your world." After few days Professor sahib took out device from ear, writing on paper I asked from him,"sir why do not use the hearing aid device". He replied, "Baba there is nothing listenable in your world.
(Taken from the book of respected Amar Jakil.)

After hearing the expression, removal of the bottom, thought of my own bottom had come (in mind). I decided to change my state and I immediately became the spoon, rather than bucket. My personal experience is that those people who will have become the spoon or any member of the family of spoon like ladle, scoop or dipper from the bucket. They will have remained in joy and their bottom could never have gotten out. Their bottom is not extracted because the spoon don't have the bottom. Excerpt from book of Amar Jalil. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Indra I have two Bhagwans. One who created me and the other is animating me. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

So what the matter is, the dwellers of city and machines have taken the occupancy of cities. The photographs of ordinary mass meeting, taken from the different angles of camera, are used to show, making extra ordinary rallies, on newspapers and television . No any producer sitting in the helicopter has made the kaleidoscpic (recording) of the fair of the of Bhit possesor, (Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai). The eye of camera from helicopter would have shown us rhe ocean of people. So many people would be seen that viewers will forget the mass meetings of Mujeeb, Bhashani, Bhutto, Benazir and Altaf. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

I had heard two women had been talking against a third woman. Both had the grave objection on that, she is used to talk with the males in office like males. That to say according to feminine term, having no shame in eyes. In the back ground of that appararently innocent sentence of both the women, the call from the slavery of centuries had been coming to hear. When the movement for the freedom of slaves had started in the reign of Babylonian and Roman governments, then a considerable majority of slaves had themselves declined to accept the freedom by removing the neck chain. For them rubbing shoulders with their masters was fault, what was also the proof of disrespect. In such a way earlier movement of humans against slavery had failed at the hands of slaves themselves. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Voice of M. A. Alamani: The author has appeared quite genius and sensitive to me. He has not shut the eyes from his own society. His glance is on past, his glance is on present, his glance is on future. "Having closed society, enclosed society, imprisoned society, Sindhi society _ Lateef also left crying. Me too will weepingly leave". He is not disappointed. He is convinced to affix his own seal on time. "Telling the right straight talk, (in) made up, enhanced, heightened,distorted, confused (manner) is hypocrisy. Managing, the right straight talk, as it is, is true fact, is reverence, is worship, is faith." In our life some problems are important and (other) few problems are conventional. The author is aware of both types of problems, he is not only aware but has not declined from the freedom of expression. While spotlighting all our problems, has written at a place, _ (read attentively). "Does God exists or not_ (is) not your problem_ Your problem is survival_ Your problem is death_ Your problem is love_ Your problem is child_ Do for survival_ Do for death_ Do for love_ Do for child_ Do for genetics_ Do for humans_ God will meet!"
(Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Following quotation posted by Amar Jali on his faceebook page, "There is only one thing that makes a dream
Impossible to acheive: the fear of failure"

Paulo Coelho (Taken from the facebook page of respected Amar Jalil.)

Following quotation is posted by Amar Jalil on his facebook page, "If you can not do great things,
do small things in a great way."

Napoleon Hill (Taken from the facebook page of respected Amar Jalil.)

Amar Jalil posted the following quotation on his facebook, "To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but what he aspires to."
Kahlil Gibran (Taken from the facebook page of respected Amar Jalil.)

While bringing the precept of my great grand father into practice, I decided to write in English. I was thrusting from one to other office of English newspapers but in vain. Ultimately sub editors and crime reporters felt pity on my condition, they asked with wonder, "Are you really writing since last thirty years? I said, affirmatively nodding my head, "yes brother I am writing since last thirty years." (They) Said, "we have not heard your name unto today." I Said, "you also had not heard the names of Bengali authors, I use to write in Sindhi." (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

We have respect for your great grand father", they said, "but coming out from a regional and provincial language to write directly into the international language does not seem reasonable. Since how long you are writing in Sindhi?" I Said, "Thirty years." (They) said, "now you do so, write consecutively for thirty years in national language Urdu. After writing in Urdu unto thirty years,then while executing on the admonition of your great grand father you would start to write in English. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

I came in contact with the policemen at a round about in Islamabad. I show them national identity card, after taking the stock of card attentively, later they asked about me, "if the photograph affixed on the card is your, then where is the beard of the picture." Damn! what a big legal point was raised. Hangings can be made on filing FIRs on such points of sepoys. While explaining to them I said, " Before taking the photograrph for card, I gave up shaving. My beard grew out, beard of photo could not came." After consulting among themselves they left me while saying, "either you shave off your beard or attach beard with the picture of the card, otherwise you will die worthlessly." (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

For about it, one or two reasons can be given for discussion. Sindhi nation was forward in knowledge and wisdom but was not a warrior nation, so was humiliated and publicly dishonoured in history at the hands of a warrior nation. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

The loafer and wanderer gypsies and the thrust recipent aryans were also white skinned. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Deprived from the civilization and culture, immoral, wild and living life like animals but vauntful on their white skin, harrying Europe, Scandanivian countries, England and Armenia, Aryans hiking the Hindu Kush (mountain range) assaulted on the populated regions accross the water of river Indus. Researchers like Moullai Sheedai and sir Jhon Marshal are of same opinion that the populated accross the brinks of river Indus, when the Sindhi nation was advanced, among many other nations, in the skills, crafts, education and science of agricuture in the history of that age. As said by Moullai Sheedai, "that nation whose economics system and philosophy, influenced on other nations, whose picture and figure of cultural and sociological sytems could not be wiped out by the revolutions of ages, that nation's moral doctrines and laws were considered by other nations as the torch bearer for them. The law, philosophy, civilization, social system, of that developed nation was annullled by a brutal nation." (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Where did remain Baghdad and where remains Sindh. We have been in the occupancy of Baghdadi Arabs for many years. Unknowingly we are made of cotton rags, either we are clod or potsherd that dwellers of thousands mile away became our masters and look the story of coming out from the hostage of Baghdadi Arabs going in the slavery of Ghaznavi's, that seems like a myth. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

I am not the illusionary but not the decliner of the effects of cries and wails. I am the circumstantial evidence and eye witness of examplary downfall of Sindh in the history of nearness. I mean from the history of nearness, is the history of Sindh after the partition. Sindh has lost its beauty and fortune in last sixty three years. Respect and status, of Sindh, language, civilization, ethos, culture and higher values have ecome the heritage of past. Today's Sindh is absolutely not that Sindh which I had seen before 1947. Then Sindh was considered among the good and beautiful provinces of India. Today's acclaimated Sindh is not that irrigated Sindh of yesterday, whose fame of civilizations and couth that made the expert of ancient archaeologissts like Mortimer Wheeler and sir jhon Marshal who had come here. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

My great grand father, who is counted among the renowned local lords (waderas) of Sindh and is used to getting the marriages or would stand in elections, was then present in the court of Sindh, when the Englishmen had brought the srengthening tonics for the obese, fat, helpless from moving and walking, the rulers of Sindh and had forwarded the hand of friendship to them. The Mirs of Sindh had partitioned the Sindh and settled in their parlours at Hyderabad, Khairpurmirs' and Mirpurkhas, they had so endeared the hand of friendship of Englishmen that they did not let take out hand of Englishmen from Sindh . On sending the threat of assault by Raja Ranjeet Singh, they went straight, fell at the feet of Englishmen. "King white! save from the one eyed Sikh". (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

It is said that Mehmood Ghaznavi had indited the "Shahnama" in his praise from the poet Ferdowsi on the terms that for every couplet, he will pay an 'Ashraffi' - a gold piece to Ferdowsi. Ferdowsi was like so a greedy! Consecutive assaults of Mehmood on Hindustan and the robbing - loot that brought unto Ghazni, watching the amassed diamonds jewlleries and chattels, he became the covetable. Mehmood Ghaznavi kept on his robbings, loots, dacoities and assaults on Hindustan and Ferdowsi was going for prolongation of "Shahnama". According to an estimation, he was exaggerating Mehmood Ghaznavi in his poems for thirty years. When the time of payment came, Mehmood evaded to pay. Ferdowsi having wrtten a satire on Mehmood and ran away to Baghadad and sought asylum from the caliph of Baghdad, Abu Abbass Ahmed Qadir Billah. Mehmood Ghaznavi sent a delegation to caliph and demanded the return of poet Ferdowsi, caliph refused to return (Ferdowsi). It infuriated Mehmood Ghaznavi. This is the talk of that period when Sindh was ruled by the governors, on behalf of the caliph Qadir Billah. In that regard Sindh was the state of caliphs' of Baghdad . Wherefrom, out of anger, Mehmood Ghaznavi, in order to teach lesson to the caliphs of Baghdad, he invaded with big army on the Uch and Multan and from there he detailed army, remained sat after conquring Sindh easily . What have to be the end that happened with Ferdowsi. But Sindh as a disowned hostage, came out from the hands of caliphs of Baghdad, occupied by the Ghaznavids in the status of a province. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

We are pacified by giving wonderful and very joking historical examples that (loving) children! be slow. Namely the languages of Persian and Arabic could not make the stronghold in Sindh, then no any other language has the daring to occupy the place of Sindhi language, terminating us from the cultural level. Furthermore they are said, (loving) sons! be cool. Britishers too left after ruling on us for one and a quarter hundred years, but could not impose his own English language on Sindhies. These are the talks of our elders. I bow my head before my own elders. I admit their greatness. I cannot commit the mischief to boast about their knowledge, wisdom and comprehension. I most respectfully submit that sir! the pious Arabs had brought arrows, swords and mangonels to conquer Sindh. In the slavery of Mughals we had seen and heard the well bred horses, royal pomps, fauji uniforms and royal decalations. With the complicity of traitors of Sindh, the Britishers speaking English had gone. Arabs, persian rulers of Mughals and English had not occupied the system of political economy and economics. They had not opened plants, factories and trade markets. The trade, exchange and industry are the soul of any society. One who occupied the trade, exchange and industry, that became the owner of the country. That is the modern scientific principle. Arab, Mughal and English had not brought along with them the institutions of broadcasting and publication.Their newspapers had not sold in the quantity of lakhs. No programmes in their languages had aired twenty 20 hours daily for watching and listening. Mughal and English were robbers. They robbed us and had gone. They did not attach as a leech with us like bloood s*cking parasites. We namely the existing generation are familiar from the history, we know the Sindh is in (victimization) of the causative leeches. The trade, exchange and industrial occupancy is being carried out on Sindh.
(Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

I asked from a wise man, "tell me any one extraordinary adjective of the democracy". Wise man replied," in democracy the death annivarsary of a dictator can be observed." (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Allama I.I. Qazi sahib was the punctual of time. (Once) some visitor on telephone wanted time from Allama sahib, to pay him a visit. Allama sahib cordially said to him, please! communicate me the time, I will wait for you on that time. (Then you please,) come in. That sahib rashly replied, that sir! I will come either at 5'o clock or 5.30 on today's evening. Allama sahib told him in loving manner, pl. you are one man, how would you come on two times _ one man can come in one time, either at 5 'o clock or at 5.30 and other is that you will come in between 5 and 5.30, then what I will do! in that meantime. So either you come on 5'o clock or 5.30. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

The love as of a Sindhi mother is hardly received to any other children in the world. Mothers' love of whole world is kept in a pan of a wheighing scale and in the second pan of the scale, if love of Sindhi mother be placed then too, the love of Sindhi mother will prove a quarter (comparatively enhanced). But the love is not only the ( each and) everything. In life! our mother is taken in hallucinations, caught in meleancholies. Our mother is harrassed from the ficticious talks of genies (&) ghosts. Our mother is the devotee of amulet (&) mojoes. Our mother is idolizing saints (in local dialect peers) and graves (as sacred). But in this, the fault is not of our mother. She is kept deprived from the education, knowledge and light. She is made away from the know how. Such mother can give the ideal love to the child but cannot nurtures the child. From the lap of such mother the child will grow big, being an illusory, sensational,coward, idolizing graves (as sacred) and timid. When such type of children after being older, spread out in the society then they are keeping the eye of doubt, villification, enimity and prodition on one another. we are the individuals of such society. The second climax of motherhood and children is in contrary to ours, that I have seen in America. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

A puritan Sufi remains but a Sufi all his life. Either you are a Sufi or you are not a Sufi. You can't be a Hindu Sufi, a Muslim Sufi or a Christain Sufi. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

To attain Sufism, get rid of inner impurities. Break the bearer of fear and phobias so that you enter the realm of Sufism.
(Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

Hatred and enimity are like volcanic fire that smoldres your soul. They do not let flowers of sensibilities blossom within you.
(Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

No war is only fought with the physical strength. First (and foremost) condition for war is, discilipline -self-control and unity. These both adjectives are not written in the destiny of Sindhi nation. (Taken from the book witten by respected Amar Jalil.)

The current century is epoch making century. Existing century saw the great revolutions. Two world wars, destruction of Japan and Germany, ending of caliphates, partition of countries, conquest of Himalaya and Moon by the hands of humans. A good deal, what is more, all has been changd. That which could not be changed is only the condition of us, the Sindhies. 1991.
(Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

In Sindh, one should either be a wonders working peer, (as said in local dialect, not like the peer of English origin as duke,earl nature.), or be a dangerous dacoit, both occupations are alike, both have an equivalent earning. (Taken from the writinga of respected Amar Jalil.)

The province of Sindh is marvelous province. This province has not seen the picture of solidarity and consensus in any reign of history. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

We are not willing to accept any culture i.e. based on the jangling of anklet, beating of drums as superior to Sindhi culture. Sindhi is the sole language of Sindh. It is our faith. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

It has come somewhere in Bible: Which benefit human has, from the achievement of the blessings and wealths of whole world and in return lose his own soul. Today's human apparently doing the trade of benefit, has given up his own soul in loss.
(Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

One day before his fifteenth time marriage, my paternal great grandfather, with his un-ending, radiant and answerless life has, admonishingly told me, either you talk truth or untrue that is not important, the important is that whatever you speak, write, read and think that all should be in English. Those people who will talk, write, read and think in English, they will have to rule on those who speak, write, read and think in some other language. You will gain nothing from writing in Sindhi. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

In Sindh local lordship (waderashahi) and politics will have gone togather. What Sindh (even) in whole Pakistan (local lordship) waderashahi and politics will have gone togather. Their epithets of waderas are changed there. In other provinces waderas are called (sardar) chieftain, khan and chaudhar! All the land of Pakistan is included in their landlordship. In other words whole Pakistan is their fiefdom and people of whole Pakistan are their peasant, grower,farmer, worker and servant. They are seen in pagero, nissan and big motor cars with the tinted glasses raised up, going and coming fastly on metalled and rough roads for the service of nation. In the status of being big landlord and influential, my paternal great grandfather has no way except marrying consecutively and standing (as candidate) in elections. He has so stood in elections since 1901 that he has set forgotten to sit and is often seen as standing. Our great grandfather was as such an influential and favourite before the partition just as has been proved after the partition. He has friendship with the sepoys and subedar (local police officer) of somewhat less than almost whole of Sindh. Partition has not put any effect on his respect and reputation. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Those people who talk the referendum that 'which Pakistan do you want, either of Quaid-e-Azam or of Talibans'? Someone to ask this from those people that which Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam??? When Bengladesh was separated in 1971, then people had used the words East Pakistan and West Pakistan, Bhutto said to them, "enough is enough", 'West' Pakistan, its simply 'Pakistan' now, stop using the word 'West' with it'. So what the Pakistan today is, that is the Pakistan of Bhutto. Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam was dismembered in 1971. People are thinking that Pakistan was created on the basis of 'Two-Nation Theory', then 'two-nation theory' has been failed in 1971, so what Pakistan is today, how that became the Pakistan of Quaid-e-azam? That became the Pakistan of Bhutto. If these people make to carry out the referendum, it should be as, 'which Pakistan do you want, either of Bhutto or Taliban.? Then I myself would go to vote." Amar Jalil continued, today they are saying the Pakistan of Quaid-e-azam, tomorrow AZAM" will be removed and will remain only QUAID and they will ask, 'which Pakistan do you want, either of Quaid or Taliban.? You all know what they meant from Quaid... And who these Talibans ultimately are? Who is suppporting them? No eople like me or you will support them. These (mullahs) clerics are inapparent supporters of Taliban and you people who fall on the feet of these clerics, acclaim there every talk saying the word SUBHANALLAH, (that is said in the praise for God). Stop this practice, Pakistan was not created for clerics. If you are Muslim that is not due to these clerics. Will you be such a Muslim as these clerics want you to be??? (T ,V talk of respected Amar Jalil taken from facebook.)

When individuals of slave nations, ignoring the national interests rather think there for the personal benefit, then deem that the existence of that nation will compulsorily terminate. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

To be photographed, while keeping foot on the head of a dead lion is an easy job, Our principled stand then come to know, when mirror be shown to a personality in soverrignity.
(Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

The Sindh has remained the hunting lodge for the afflicters since centuries. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Duty of pirs spiritual leaders to showes the people right path. But pirs-cum-politician have depoliticized them, as Zia introduced non-political people, the same vision is followed by the politician of present time. Look now votes are bag on personal relations, pressure, greed or fear. People vote on the order of their pir, sardars, head of village or community. No political vision or ideology exist here..Story of sindh (Post taken from facebook posted by respected Amar Jalil.)

My talk be listened attentively. Namely, there is no any Sindhi nation in existing Sindh. Since last 3 - 4 hundred years, tribes of gypsies from here and there while sneaking thrusting has settled in Sindh. From their earlier history, the most tribes who have revealed themselves on Sindh, were robbers, thieves, dacoits, distorting and quarrelsome in their occupations. They had their tribal wars among thenselves were so common. Mughal governors of Sindh instead of facing with such ferocious tribes had settled them in Sindh by granting fiefdoms. After carrying out, crop cultivation as occupation for livelihood in 2 - 3 hundred years, the change has come in their attitudes. But today they are too tribal in nature. Today they are also involved in tribal fights and clashes, murders, distortings and dacoities like their past. Collecting all these tribes, we have given the name "Sindhi nation". Such nation does not come in any form meeting with the meaning and purpose of a nation. That nation whose friends have celeberated the solidarity day on two datess, one on 4 th december and others on 5 th december. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

No any religion of the world teaches the the hatreds. No any religion awakes the volcanos of oppression and bedevilment. No any religion allows for bloody violence. The basic principle of all the religions is love. (Taken from the book written by res-ected Amar Jalil.)

When I don't have any work to do, then practically I hum a stanza of Allama Iqbal's poem: "O' my Lord! my desire becoming pray has come on my lip, that my life should be in the form of (candle) lamp." (Zindgi Shamma Key Sorat Hu Khodaya Meri). I mean from singing practically is that whenever I sing this chant, then I light a candle lamp in front of me. I go heckle by the short life of candle lamp. I don't know where from have I come! I have come from divinity! In brief life like of a candle lamp, can I observe the dust of this vast world. That's why I keep a good deal of candle lamps along with me. No sooner the one lamp is to extinguish, I immediately light up an other lamp and keep on singing: "O' my Lord! my life should be in the form of (candle) lamp." (Taken from "all untrue" column written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Had the heart has the wisdom then the love would have become the foreign trade. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

When we were children then would have the desire of being older, but now have come to know that the unaccomplished/half done home works and broken toys were better. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

The most dangerous effect of knowledge/education is that the, dormant humans since centuries will have awaken. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

My hate for the wealth is not because of that, that I am the poor or fellow of poors. I have the hate for those wealthy ones who have kept us deprived from the education and employment. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Identity of the truth?" - "truth has hate for opression" - "and ...." - "(fire of) jealousy will gutt the truth." - "other?" - "Truth will drown in the ocean of crookery and deception. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jalil.)

The "truth is meant by you, master?" - "Nothing is higher than the truth." - "And te religion?" - The second name of religion is "truthfulness" - "And human beings?" - "The destination of humans is "truthfulness". "Bhagwan!" - "Whenever with the truthfulness and clarification will light the lamp of life in the temple of your own heart then Bhagwan will come pedestrainly in His Supreme being to see you. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar alil.)

The silence is the faculty of the soul." - "And the medicament of my sorrow? " "Withered bud of heart will bloom to be a flower." - "When master?" "When "Then, when you will study this world deeply. (Taken from the book writtrn by respected Amar alil.)

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