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When fifth weather pervades on life space then what we see is not sighted in reality. Whatever is sighted in realty is not seen to us. Amar
(bTaken from aook written by respected. amar jalil)

Like other relationshis the bonds of eternal wants are tied in heavens . There is cosmological difference in between earthly wants and eternal wants. People interconnected through the eternal bonds do not desire to possess each other. They have meeting in their separation.
(Taken from Urdu column writtten by respected Amar Jalil.)

Tree gutted by fire has never blossomed again.

When circumstances cease to proceed further for progression in life to a talented person, then the roots of hatered and abhorrence have grown out from the existence of that person. (Taken from a book written by respected Amar JalilL.)

Intolerance inflicts when a person or a society is either empty or is infected from within. Intolerance is a maddening sickness. It breeds hatred.

It is wrongly presumd that baton of stronger or hard men has two heads, every baton has two heads but it is the stronger or hard man who utilise both heads of baton.

Sindhu is the reason of my existence and being. I am for Sindhu and due to Sindhu. Sindhu has given ambition to my script and status to my ambition. In shade and sunshine of life, I have felt the presence of Sindhu.
(Taken from book of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Few people wake up after sleep other few fall asleep after awakening.

When near objects are not seen to a person then he tries to see the distant objects and
When distant objects are not seen clear to him then only he would try to see the near objects.

Sometimes facts are suspected as dreams and sometimes dreams are suspected as facts, it is the deception of sight.

(Taken from book written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

Few people would leave the agora before it get impetus to fatten, whether one makes the social event or mars, or left the parrty function altogather in between half done and unaccomplished. (Taken from book of respected Amar Jaleel.)

One category of people arrange interpretation before dreaming, others make out interpretation after dreaming. (Taken from book of respected Amar Jaleel.)

I am the devotee and believer of Sachal Sarmast, the incarnation of love for all ages. Many years ago I ended up self and ego from my existence. (Taken from the book written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

Gross abuse of human rights and that of power by the ruling elite tormented me and turned me into a rebellious writer. (Taken from daily dawn an interview with resected Amar Jaleel.)

Not opposed to. I was flabbergasted, .... surprised that how could a mother be bifurcated. There are certain things that cannot be divided and subdivided. And this feeling has supplied the source material for many of my creative writings.
(Taken from the daily dawn an interview with respected Amar Jaleel.)

“When an Indian asked me why it was that India had criminals working underground and Pakistan did not have such dons, I said in Pakistan dons don`t need to operate from the underworld.” (Taken from the daily dawn, an interview with respected Amar Jaleel.)

“Mysticism is the independent views of the mystics about their religion. It is different from the religion of the cleric. They interpret the religion according to their own understanding. For instance, Shah Latif says praying and fasting is absolutely necessary. They are part of your faith. But there is something else that brings you closer to your Creator. On the other hand, the mullah would say that it is fasting and praying alone that gets you closer to God. So, it is a deviation from the established tradition. It is a sort of reinterpretation of religious thought, which seeks relief for the perplexed mind,” (Taken from the daily dawn, an interview with respected Amar Jaleel.)

One man is sitting on 222 seats of Pakistan National Assembly. He has 222 nomenclatures. He has 222 figures. Actually he is the only person who has sat on 222 seats with different nomenclatures, castes and figures. I have seen him seated in legislative assembly since stone age to present age.He is above the law that enacted by him. Laws enacted by him is applied on commoners like me not on him. (Taken from the book written "Tareekh jo kafan" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

The martyrs instantly end up in heaven among the beautiful nymphs who serve them with gr*pes and heavenly wine, and provide them with all conceivable comforts otherwise denied to them on earth. The soul-stirring sermons of the mullas transformed the wayward person within me into a warrior of Allah. (Taken from story of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Cheeno is more intelligent than his physical age. Sindhu once said, an intellectual deity of Greece has born again in the form of Cheeno. Cheeno laughingly replied, "I am the heir of Watayo Fakeer". Cheeno told me, Sindhu is Marry Haskell for you and will overwhelm on your each and every script. You both will not get married with each other like Khalil Gibran and Marry Haskell. It seems to me that Cheeno can see in the mirror of unwritten history. Cheeno is arbiter of coming time.
(Taken from book "Tareekh jo Kafun" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

No any script can be the cause of revolution in a country of five per cent literate people. Economic plight will bring about revolution there. Had the scripts induced the revolution, the Sindh would have revolutionized earliest of all.
(Taken from writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Since last few days, I am not feeling mentally well. Not relaxed from within, there is cry of nontraditional ideas in the desert of notion. I have always tolerated sh-took in my solicitude But sometimes it feels heartily so, there should be someone, with whom the inner status be discussed, should be sympathetic, should be my own, with whom dispersed, strewed thoughts be expressed with! Those are the few fortuitous who would get friends to talk about. Many years rolled by since I have shut the scrolls of complaints. I Write today, write aimless, write inexpressive, write meaningless, absurd, write beyond speculation, write such having neither head nor tail - write such a script, like boring abstract art. I am like so. When I become mentally worried (I don't agree with the word worry- I can't express fairly my mental condition) then abstract is written. I will not be understood to readers, bad wishes are invoked by them, I will not be prayed for blessing in my favor. I told my mother not to pray for blessings in my favor, your prays would have negative effect on me like application written in Sindhi. She is my mother she has given me birth, she cannot withdraw from her love. My mother always pray for blessings in my favor. Sindhu does not pray for blessing in my favor.
(Taken from writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

there is cry of contradictional ideas in the wilderness of notion. (Taken from writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

I have penetrated the thorns of shttook in me eyelashes. (Taken from writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Sindhu has said "you are stubborn and you will remain stubborn till doomsday.Stubborns are not prayed for blessings. (Taken from writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

It is deemed to those who commonly said that Amar Jaleel writes warrior kind and rebellious type fictions. I bow against their thoughts and not opine on the opinion of these friends I will only say that Amar Jaleel is apparently dark, inelegant like Karonjhar, has a perturbed soul hidden behind him, is in quest of unselfish and stubborn love like Sindhu since eternity. Amar Jaleel is not the name of sole personality. Amar Jaleel is the name of different parts or pieces. These pieces are autocephalous and independent, separate from one an other, Out of these parts one is stubborn and rebel. Second is artist in himself and lover of Ayaz. Third is worshiper of love. Fourth is hermit with self eremite Fifth wrapping shroud on his head and is standing in a queue of intoxicated as groom unturned. Those parts having their separate disposition from one an other. But all pieces are linked in a chain. Second end of that chain is plunged in the abyss of Sindh.
(Taken from writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

We come in contacts with a number of calamities on the eve of Bakra Eid, like beaten by bull, running away of bull or receiving hidden chits with a message, "either your skin is dear to you or skin of goat." However we must avoid to invite the bull to come and beat us or get a quarrel with a man who matters in power. I often remain debtor so moulvi sahibs have told me, performing Hajj or slaughtering sacrificial animal is neither obligatory nor sunnah nor reasonable for a debtors. So I am at a loss to understand how I reached cattle pen of Sohrab Goth.
(Taken from "all untrue" written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

Language is the medium of expression, either I write in Sindhi or Urdu or English, topic of my subject and object will be Sindh. My identification is Sindh. I am forlorn, idle and anonymous without Sindh. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

Before patition there were many sculptures and statues installed in Karachi. A Statue of ashtraea, was installed infront of High Court building. At the confluence of Sindh Sceratarate and Sindh Assemmbly roundabout, there was an other beautiful statue of Mahatma Gandhi. Both the statues were uprooteed from the city of Karachi after partition. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

My love is independent of the end of culminates and expanses 0f unknown boundaries , love is desired by the people in meeting I have decorated the desolatenesses of life with separation. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

While inspecting the collection of sacrificial animals obtained from cattle pen of Sohrab Goth on the eve of BAKRA EID, officer noticed the prescence of a old goat and asked from sepoy: "wherefrom you brought this old goat having its horns broken." Sepoy replied respectfully: " sir! horns of this goat were damaged while fighting with the goats of Hitler in world war ii and it is surviving fighter goat of world war ii." (Taken from "all untrue" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Which another increased rack than waiting has your God invented for human beings. (Taken from book "Tiyon wajood" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Heart and believes of heart are broken, Hameedan! what poor social contract of marriage will break. If social contract of marriage tears like shoe then will get it repaired from cobbler. (Taken from book "Tiyon wajood" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

In love human being converts from infidel to become the faithful and from being the faithful to become an atheist. But in love human being cannot tolerate the rack of starvation.
(Taken from the book " Tiyon wajood" written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

You were not such a lousy, confused and foolish in any age of history like in present age. Surely you are my son, but I have become doubtful about your pride and self respect.
(Taken from book "Tiyon Wajood" written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Bravery is the caste and the country is the religion of illustrious warriors. (Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

One human being can only fights, gets a quarrel with, while keeping his head on palm, assails in wilderness of circumstances, but outcome is not managed by him. (Taken from writings of respected Amar Jalil.)

No any script or book can be the cause of revolution in Pakistan for comming five hundred years. (Taken from the book JADDAHIN MAAN NA HOONDUS written by respected Amar Jalil.)

After one unit the affiliation of Sindh with the federation of Pakistan had become meaningless. (Taken from the book JADDAHIN MAAN NA HOONDUS.)

Before that the expressions get feathers to fly, on fifth July 1977 in the black shroud of night the monster of dictatorship returned once again. This time monster came along with the axes and wooden gallows and brought the claim of flag bearer of religion. It seemed like so that thinking, comprehending, seeing, listening and speaking will be banned in this country till doomsday. (Taken from the book JADDAHIN MAAN NA HOONDAS written by respected Amar Jalil..)

Pee pee Dehliwala biggest trader of goats, introduced him as "I was used to selling elephants in Delhi now sell goats here in Pakistan." (Taken from book JADDAHIN MAAN NA HONDUS-written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Preparation work to establish the National Art Gallery and Theater at Constitution Avenue in Islamabad was completed during first stint of Benazir Bhutto's government. In a session of National Assembly Moulvi members made objection on establishment of Art Gallery and Theater near the premises of National Assembly and affixed the seal of un Islamic on performing arts painting and sculpture. File of plan went for red tape. The same location was later used for construction of prime minister secretariat.
(Taken from Urdu column written by respected Amar Jalil.)

Tiresomeness is the enemy of wisdom. (Taken from the book "JADDHIN MAAN NA HOONDAS".)

Time is not a rubber to elongate as elastic. (Maxim of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Birth is the inception of drama of life and death is its outcome.

Death is trifle or extra-ordinary, suicide is extra-ordinary death. Those having their shining conscience have an extra-ordinary death. (ahmed.jamali@yahoo.c0m)

Whether you can tell me what is the difference in between sixth sense and intuition? Are both the production of same preconscious state of mind with two different names. (Taken from book written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

Knowledge is not only the light but also fire of insurgence. (Taken from the book of respected Amar Jaleel.)

Then suddenly out of the blue came the news that Ratan Talau school was set on fire by the political and religious madmen. It appeared to me they burnt Indra. While ignoring the voices of Amma, I reached Ratan Talau school in a race. Flames were rising from doors and windows. My sensibility was gone erroneous. Immense sorrow was felt by me. Grave shock was sustained to me. Why ? why ? why you have burnt my all belongings ? I deem, then weepingly was told by me and if was not said, I do say now while writing autobiography, I will live taking pyre in my own arm and I am living with pyre in my arm. I will write with fire instead of ink. I am writing with fire instead of ink.
(Taken from the writings of respected Amar Jaleel.)

To flee from boss is not possible in life. Boss is omnipresent in every form. In home Sometimes either in the form of husband or wife ! In the figure of teacher in school ! butchers, taxi drivers, waiters of hotels, booking clerks of railway, policemen particularly SHO, doctor etc all have been our boss-always wrathful, hopping mad and enraged. Ghost or monster frighten or not but boss must frightens. (Taken from book written by respected Amar Jaleel.)

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