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Hopefully it will be possible to get all our other albums in American shops one day so if people are interested they can hear it but I`m hoping that people are going to be interested in what we are going to do, not just what we`ve done.

I like to listen to mellow stuff on the road like Travis, as we are constantly surrounded by rock music on tour and so its nice listening to mellow stuff. Obviously back at home I listen to a lot more rock music.

There`s always reasons to make mistakes. Because then you do new mistakes next time. So they`re beautiful mistakes.

In almost every interview someone asks what does HIM stand for. I can`t even remember our latest lie about that. When Hanson was hot, we said it means Hanson Is Murder. The name doesn`t have a particular history. His Infernal Majesty was a totally different band. I think HIM derives from some death metal joke.

I think if we keep on doing good music and people like us and they buy the magazine because we are in the magazine then they cant basically hate us hopefully.

I`m a collecting maniac and I buy a lot of books and records. I have over thousand cds.

Talking about covers, whether visually or sonically, if a particular combination of notes struck a chord in your heart in a way that you want to be a part of it by covering that song, then there`s nothing wrong with it.

Even at school I studied ethics instead of religion.

Well, for us, it`s always better not to have too many expectations and to just go with the flow because then it`s always a big plus no matter what happens.

I haven`t travelled that much before so this is the first time I get to see the big cities of Europe. I`ve never even been to US.

I`ve always been a huge reggae fan.

Los Angeles and New York are the big centers of the music industry worldwide so of course it can be hard for newcomers who don`t know what to expect from the music business.

Music`s always been really cathartic. It`s the best drug for me to get away from the everyday pressures just for a second via a good song.

Yeah I`m still writing. I`ve got about 14 tracks now. But we`ve been on tour so we haven`t had time to get back to a rehearsal place.

We started playing music from an early age and so we wasn`t really aware of that side of it, the weird thing is the more successful you get the more free booze and drugs you get, they should be given to the bands who don`t have the money.

Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame.

I`m a huge fan of James Dean, that got me started. Nowadays I smoke four packs in a day.

That music and the lyrical aspects of Razorblade Romance is so personal to me that, now with me being grown up a bit and meeting new people and doing new things, it makes me look at the same things I was writing about back in the day through a different colored lens.

I have never acted in one and I`m not at all interested to do so either.

Music for me is an emotional thing and it really does make me happy. It`s not a tool for me to get fame or see my face in the papers or anything like that. It`s about the fact that I really do enjoy it.

So basically, I think music at its best can be everything. It can be totally stupid and very intellectual and emotional at the same time. I don`t think all those things shut each other out.

Some genres I`m not a huge fan of but there are always exceptions that break the rules. There are always a few people doing it in a way weird enough to grab my attention.

It`s like that with what sort of ideas people outside of the band have of HIM. They all see it through a different lens as well which is beautiful. Hopefully, it makes it an endless topic of conversation.

Women are always beautiful.

The guys in Kiss use some make up too so at first it was exiting. I`ve almost stopped using make-up nowadays.

Love is the funeral of hearts. Falling in love is the best way to kill your heart because then it`s not yours anymore. It`s laid in a coffin, waiting to be cremated.

I`m living my dream right now. I get to make music, perform and travel.

I`ve got asthma. When I was 17 I forgot to take my medication and was taken to a hospital for almost two weeks. After that I`ve taken better care of my illness.

Unfortunately we just toured the East and West coasts so we didn`t run into any rednecks.

It`s the same with visual arts, you have some really cool, wonderful striking images that make you think and then again you have wonderful striking images that just take you away from the existing world for a second. And I like the latter a bit more.

We`re in a wonderful situation that there are loads of American record companies that like what we do. And that`s a lovely thing.

I love Johnny Cash but I don`t love country music that much.

We`re trying to have the band create something beautiful that hopefully one day, 20 years from now, can be picked up by a kid and hopefully have the same effect that Neil Young had on me, or Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.

I don’t think I could ever live a normal life. You know the painting, ‘The Scream’? I’ve always felt a bit like that. In turmoil. Needing to do something different. To escape. (

If you play ‘Love Me Tender’ I will cry. That song unlocks a lock in my heart that no one else has been able to. (

Rock n’ roll is about worshipping Satan and opposing the rules, even if you live like a penguin. (

Everybody destroys themselves during a certain period of their life and I consider that to be completely normal, but if you stay on that road it can be pretty hazardous. I still recognise myself when I look into the mirror, but I understand how stupid I am. Lots of people don’t. (

The heart has been put in the closet, and work has been done. Soon it’ll be taken out of the closet and we’ll see how it beats. Love is madness, you can’t put in in doses. It either surges over or under. (

It happens everywhere when adults or the world outside you pressures you to become something you don't want to be, you are like ass-f**ked, you are like r*ped with that dream in your head and you can never get away from it. When your social environment decides for yourself, that's bad. That's what 'In The Night Side of Eden' is about. (

I’m not comfortable in my skin, so if I don’t work and get a new song done, I feel like I ain’t worth sh*t. I validate myself with music, and whenever I write something new it gives me purpose and an excuse to exist. So whenever I have writer’s block, I’m always hell to be around. (

To be or not to be: that is the question. It is always a good question in whatever you do, you have to question yourself. You have to do that every day to be quite certain that what you do, you do for the right reasons, and the more you grow up, the more you have to keep your eyes open to not find yourself in situations where you have to compromise. (

A Lot of people compromise way too much and I am much too much of a romantic to start compromising at this age. I want to take the proper romantic aspect back. f**k science and bring back the romance and the imagination- the limitless possibilities of the human mind and soul and heart. (

In life in general, I want to be surprised like a kid when he or she goes into a candy store for the first time. So the compromises don’t necessarily make me suicidal, but they make me feel let down. (

You know, love moves in mysterious ways and I think they are kinda equal, to really care for somebody so much that it does physically hurts. I'm not into S&M but I find it, still, that particularly situation, very enchanting. (

Art is always criticized and always an outsider gets the blame. (

Romantic. Probably for me, it means that there’s still stuff left for the imagination. The Victorian Romantic. In a way that you’re allowed to dream and uh, you’re allowed to not to behave exactly like what the society wants you to. That’s what it means. It doesn’t necessarily mean, you know, what romantic in a sense of candle lit dinners. It’s tough to say. I think that musically I’m trying to find it out, you know, what it means. I’ve been doing so for the past, you know, what, the past 15 years, and very unsuccessfully. (

It’s important to concentrate on the positive aspects. If you’d only see the negative things, you’d get paralyzed and incapable of doing anything at all. The world is a beautiful place. You never know what’s awaiting you at the next corner. (

This album celebrates the fact that life is f**ked and it will probably get more f**ked. There’s a line that goes, ’Here’s to the pain and the light of the oncoming train’. That’s about celebrating the fact that life and relationships are hard but, if it’s easy, what’s the challenge? (

I guess I’m celebrating the challenge of being human. Everyone’s got their struggles. You need to keep moving forward, though, and try to realise you’re not the only one. (

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