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On being angry with Brown after their first split:

“I wanted him to know what it felt like to lose me. To feel the consequences of that. So when that (stuff) came back it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like, God, you’ve got to be kidding right now. But I got real with myself, and I just couldn’t bury the way I felt.” (rollingstone.com)

On expecting criticism after getting back together with Chris:

“But I decided it was more important for me to be happy, and I wasn’t going to let anybody’s opinion get in the way of that. Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake. After being tormented for so many years, being angry and dark, I’d rather just live my truth and take the backlash. I can handle it.”


On reactions resulting from her reunion with Brown:

“When you add up the pieces from the outside, it’s not the cutest puzzle in the world. You see us walking somewhere, driving somewhere, in the studio, in the club, and you think you know. But it’s different now. We don’t have those types of arguments anymore. We talk about s***. We value each other. We know exactly what we have now, and we don’t want to lose that.” (rollingstone.com)

On Chris' past abuse:

"He doesn't have the luxury of f***ing up again. That's just not an option. I can't say that nothing else will ever go wrong. But I'm pretty solid in the knowing that he's disgusted by that. And I wouldn't have gone this far if I ever thought that was a possibility." (rollingstone.com)

aahh (tv.com)

it happens (tv.com)

Rihanna: On her first single SOS from her second album.I got excited when I first heard this track and three days later, it was recorded. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I am a child but I have to think and act like a woman, this business forces you to. (tv.com)

Rihanna: On a lot of records, men talk about cheating as though it's all a game. For me, Unfaithful is not just about stepping out on your man, but the pain that it causes both parties. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I want to give people a taste of the Caribbean, and show them the fun side of me. (tv.com)

Rihanna: When you have an embarrassing moment, laugh it off. Get right back up and act like nothing happen. Make sure your crush doesn't see that it bothers you. (tv.com)

Rihanna: All my friends are guys. For some reason, I don't get along really well with girls. I have three girlfriends and a million guy friends. (tv.com)

Rihanna: There are other movies I really want to get into, like I wanna get into action, kinda adventure, I think that that's so incredible, drama, that'd be fun. (tv.com)

Rihanna: Nike's a big brand, I love Nike, and for them to have me endorse their brand, that's a big deal for me. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I like to be creative. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I listened to a lot of reggae music, which has influenced my music highly. I love R&B artists, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, hip-hop music, Kanye West, that has all influenced my music. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I feel like I've grown five years in just a year, and I really want to show people that. (tv.com)

Rihanna: It's so weird because everybody calls me, "Your song is number one," and I'm like, "Thank you!" But I'm still in shock, I still haven't, like, really freaked out and thought, "Oh my gosh, my song is number one." I'm still trying to make myself freak out. If you have the number one song in the country, you should be smiling every second. (tv.com)

Rihanna: I never eat salad. I make sure I don't put a lot of junk into my system, but I hate vegetables! (tv.com)

Rihanna: I always keep my guard up with guys and I guess that can get in the way sometimes. I can make them go through hell. (tv.com)

Rihanna: (on her relationship with Josh Hartnett) If someone is right for you, you'll know it. When I hang out with Josh, it feels right. He's lovely. (tv.com)

Rihanna: (On Jay-Z's girlfriend Beyonce) She's Beyoncé, and I'm (Jay-Z's) new protegee. When we see each other we say hi. We're not enemies, but we're not 'friends' friends. (tv.com)

Rihanna: Music is in my D.N.A.! (tv.com)

Rihanna: Dancing was always part of my culture growing up in Barbados. When I shot my 1st video I worked really hard with my choreographer to perfect the routines. (tv.com)

Rihanna: People think, because we're young, we aren't complex, but that's not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might. (tv.com)

Rihanna: It is one thing to record an album but it's a huge difference when people play it and listen to it and embrace it the way that I do. It has always been my dream to get my music out to the world and have people hear it. (tv.com)

Rihanna: My favorite thing in a guy is his height. He has to be 6ft at least. He also has to know what he wants in life. I don't want any guy that I could wrap around my little finger. (tv.com)

Rihanna: It's every girl's dream to be a cover girl! (tv.com)

Rihanna: (revealing she requires Jay-Z’s approval of boys she dates) He's very protective. Jay has my best interests in mind. If it's a good guy I know Jay won't shut him down. But if he's not, Jay will be like, 'No, no, no.’ (tv.com)

I hope to find the love of my life before I turn 30.

People think, because we`re young, we aren`t complex, but that`s not true. We deal with life and love and broken hearts in the same way a woman a few years older might.

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