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I`m proud of being toned, strong and fit. Most women can`t do one pull-up. I can do six!

Well, honestly when I started this role, there was no time to do much of anything but get my script, learn my lines, and show up to work. It happened that fast. But during the first few episodes I was able to talk to some FBI agents as well as the other cast members who have had many years to do research and every day I learn something new. So the research never stops

It`s very difficult to find the one thing I like the most, but I`d have to say the people, firstly; a truly talented group of people who are very warm. They have made it a lot of fun to work on the show. We laugh a lot. We play a lot. I also really love the challenge that this role has brought to me.

I always find similarities with the character and myself. Of course, it`s never exact but unless you can find similarities it is very hard to connect with what you are doing. But in this role in particular, I find to have the most similarities to who I am mainly because she`s a real woman in the world out there. She`s unlike the vamp characters I`ve played the last four or five years on Aaron Spelling`s shows. The producers often times listen carefully when I speak. The next script I read, I`ll find things I`ve said and done. I love to work out, and that`s a common for Rachel. They have her cooking very well, which is something I do. She can definitely be one of the guys, as well as very feminine. As strong as she is, she is vulnerable as well; very much like myself.

It`s amazing the hours you pull when you`re the lead of a show

Because it`s prime time there`s a rule that you can`t really show anything. As for me personally, though, I`d only take my clothes off for a film if it made sense in the plot

(On playing football in school) I gave it up because, in one game I was doing really well, but then I fell and hit my head and I wanted to stop, but they wouldn`t let me. Then I ended up scoring a point for the other team and everyone was getting at me, and I was like, "I can`t handle this pressure!"

I like to party, sure. But my kind of good time is not going to a nightclub or a bar that`s just a meat market. I don`t go to those kinds of places. I prefer to have a big camp fire at home and have all my friends round and share a big bottle of wine.

I really wasn`t the best student. I excelled in drama and art, and I got along with my teachers. But my problem was that I was a bit of a social butterfly. I loved to talk a lot - although I wasn`t a party girl. I preferred to hang out at home with my mom.

I`m taking singing lessons,and plan to put on a one-woman show to be the new Shirley MacLaine or Liza Minnelli. Singing. Dancing. I love it. Okay I`m not the best singer, and I`m not the best dancer, but I can still put on a show, right? I`m so scared, and I can`t wait to do it.

You know what`s sad: Here I am on a show that`s about violence and serial killers, things that are truly destructive. But that much more widely accepted than sex, which is so important. Sexuality is right up there with eating, breathing, and sleeping. Yet it`s such a taboo. I don`t understand it.

I didn`t miss acting, because at the time I was very bitter about the business, needed to do something that I could feel passionate about, that would satisfy all my senses: my sight, my smell, my taste, my touch, my need to nurture, my love of colors. Of course, once I started doing that, and getting more and more passionate about it, I lost my desperation, and people in the business were more attracted to me.

I`ve let two to four days go by, but I don`t beat myself up about it. Rather than feeling guilty about not exercising, what happens is I lose my clarity. I`m not as energized, not as clear, not as sharp. It reminds me why I do all this. I`m feeling like crap, remembering how good I felt last Thursday when I did my regimen.

I have a lot more energy and I`m happier when I`m exercising.

I think men are a different species from women entirely.

I was playing Peyton, this really manipulative woman on Savannah, who is not exactly a role model - not someone I would want to be like - but everybody who watched loved her. It`s kind of scary.

Knowing me, they wanted to enhance the show with a little bit more humor, not have it be so heavy all the time.

I`m enjoying taking some time off right now. I`m not auditioning for anything at all. I work for nine months of the year, with an unbelievable schedule - five days a week from six in the morning to eight or nine at night - and there are always a million people around, all wanting a piece of me. I need to have time away from people, to rejuvenate.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to deliver babies. And then I wanted to be a dancer. And then, I have always wanted to act and then I became a chef and I really love singing.

Reactions that often give me chills, and bring me tears of joy. It`s been received so warmly, and the smiles sent my way say it all. Everyone is very happy with this new season. I`m truly blessed.

I enjoy food of the orient. It`s a lot of prep work and less actual cooking time. I love to feed people so I would imagine cooking someone`s favorite dish would really make me happy.

I pride myself on being truly an individual.

I worked with a director on the very first episode of Savannah. His name was Richard Lang. He`s been in this business for God knows how long and he recently passed away. He`s an amazing man and touched me and taught me a lot.

It`s very difficult to find the one thing I like the most, but I`d have to say the people, firstly; a truly talented group of people who are very warm. They have made it a lot of fun to work on the show. We laugh a lot. We play a lot. I also really love the challenge that this role has brought to me.

Robert Davi has been a tremendous help to me in getting my feet wet as a profiler. He takes his work so very seriously. He spends a lot of time and energy working out his moments and beats. He cares so much to make this show good and he`s truly a sweet man.

Fame definitely has its effects. A lot is relative. You gain so much with fame, and in the same respect you give up quite a bit - the most precious being my anonymity, which I didn`t realize until it was gone.

My music taste is quite eclectic. It depends on my mood. But isn`t that true for all of us?

I don`t know that I have one moment being the most touching.

I`m adding a new character to the show, not stepping into her shoes. I don`t ever compare myself to someone else: if other people have, that`s their worry.

On Savannah, I would have to say it was sleeping with my sister`s fiancé. Smuggling money, lying, cheating-that all comes second.

On Melrose Place, it was probably all the lying that was going on: sleeping with people I shouldn`t have and not owning up to it. I did a lot of lying on that show.

When I turned 16, my mama was tired of being a stage mother taking me to auditions. She said, `If you get a car, you can take yourself.`

I`m proud of being toned, strong and fit. Most women can`t do one pull-up. I can do six!

There`s always pressure. But being thin should be the goal. The goal is should be being healthy and strong in mind, body, and spirit. That comes from having a healthy outlook on exercise and on life in general. I think that`s been lost, because everyone wants the quick fix.

I think it`s only bonus. You`ve got people who are already tuned in and enjoy the show. My character is only going to enhance that, hopefully. My character has got a lot more levity: she`s a little bit brassy. She comes from a family of six older brothers, so I imagine she can hold her own. - about her character Rachel on Profiler.

Because it`s prime time there`s a rule that you can`t really show anything. As for me personally, though, I`d only take my clothes off for a film if it made sense in the plot.

I`d have to say my closest friends are guys. That goes back to my tomboy days. I like to throw a ball and be active and run around, you know. So I just find myself among the men.

I love camping. My boyfriend and I are avid campers. We`ve been all over the country. I love to camp under the stars with him. It`s very romantic. You get very in tune with the natural environment - you know, the birds and the bees and all that. It gets me very calm inside, because this acting business can make me crazy. I need to take some time to myself when I`m not insecure and thinking about what this or that person is thinking about me. I can`t live that way all the time. How can you not get self-conscious? So going out there and being at one with nature is my way of escaping from it all.

I go camping with my boyfriend - having nothing other than ourselves and the birds to talk with is most relaxing.

I`ve never worked harder in my life! Fifteen-hour days, going home and having four more hours of work studying lines for the next day. Always having to be on. I said to someone recently, "I feel like it is my wedding day every day."

I have always wanted to play Lola in Damn Yankees and every girl in A Chorus Line. I was thinking of doing Chorus Line as a one-woman show. I`m going to play every character. I know every role. I can do it.

Talking about her role on Profiler, as Agent Rachel Burke: It`s a wonderful opportunity to play a character totally different from anything I`ve been seen in before.

It`s crazy! One minute you`re working in a restaurant, and the next minute you`re in a TV series with everyone asking how you feel playing the bad girl, and you`re going, `Well, I know how to julienne carrots really well.`

I love to look glamorous, but I couldn`t possibly keep that up. Its too high- maintenance. I`m a wash-and-go kind of girl.

I missed life in the 1960s, so it has always been a dream of mine to live in a trailer and experience life on the road. A few years ago, I bought a 27-foot, 1978 Airstream from the Recycler in Atlanta. My boyfriend at the time and I shipped our belongings to Los Angeles, jammed everything else we could fit into overhead compartments on the Airstream, and drove. It was amazing because we had no schedules to keep and we could have a different front yard every morning - from the Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon to the Redwood Forest. Now that I`m in Los Angeles, I found a beautiful spot in Malibu to park it. Whenever my schedule permits, I stay in my Airstream for the weekend. It`s instant camping - a little piece of heaven.

The human body is a very beautiful thing and it should be exposed. You shouldn`t be ashamed of it.

I`ve seen an episode or two of Melrose. It`s...well, it`s Melrose Place. You don`t bite the hand that feeds you.

When I appear on TV shows, I always have to borrow clothes. I`m always expected to look like Peyton, but that`s just not me. I don`t have mini skirts or little pointy bras. Although I do have plenty of sexy underwear in my wardrobe...

Cooking is a huge passion of mine. In the future, I`d like to own my own restaurant.

(Speaking of, Jamie is loving her diva-to-diva action with friend Heather Locklear as their characters clash on-screen.) We get along great. She`s totally silly like I am. And she`s a producer this year, so when I have a problem with things, I go to her. But when she gets p*ssed at me, she says, `Be careful, or I`ll give you a really long speech that makes no sense.`

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