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You can educate a fool, but you cannot make him think

In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed.

When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.

I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

I think psychedelics play a major part in what we do, but having said that, I feel that if somebody`s going to experiment with those things they really need to educate themselves about them. People just taking the chemicals and diving in without having any kind of preparation about what they`re about to experience tend to have no frame of reference, so they`re missing everything flying by and all these new perspectives. It`s just a waste. They reach a little bit of spiritual enlightenment, but they end up going, `Well, now I need that drug to get back there again.` The trick is to use the drugs once to get there, and maybe spend the next ten years trying to get back there without the drug.

We`re not going to make him stop. I`m not capable of doing that, nor is anyone else here. But hopefully what you do is you can educate them as to how it can negatively affect your condition.

Healthcare professionals, including pharmacists and PBMs, can play an important role in encouraging medication compliance. Drugs have become increasingly complex and people are being prescribed more of them, which places greater demands on healthcare providers to educate patients and take proactive measures to ensure proper medication use.

Stanford and Harvard Business School share a common mission: to educate leaders around the world. Over the last several months, as we have explored the advantages of working together, we have become enthusiastic about the opportunity to deliver online an unparalleled management-education portfolio to executives and leaders around the world.

It`s no secret that it takes a lot of money to provide a good education. We`re raising money for computers, buses, vans, a bit of everything. Tuition is $6,000, but it costs about $8,000 to educate each student. That`s where the fundraising comes in.

We are committed to investing marketing and training resources to educate the channel on the benefits of delivering cutting-edge mobility, digital convergence and appliances to customers in these markets.

She tried to educate herself about issues that would make life better for other people in society that didn`t have the privileges and opportunities that she did.

The liturgy, like the feast, exists not to educate but to seduce people into participating in common activity of the highest order, where one is freed to learn things which cannot be taught.

We do this to educate taxpayers as to how high the total tax burden in America really is -- a lot of the tax burden is hidden from view.

You can`t legislate or litigate good, healthy behavior but we must be willing to educate people at an early age about the affects of unhealthy living.

Let us not, in the eagerness of our haste to educate, forget all the ends of education.

Our schools should get five years to get back to where they were in 1963. If they`re still bad maybe we should declare educational bankruptcy, give the people their money and let them educate themselves and start their own schools.

It`s appropriate to show the differences on issues between the candidates and to educate the public so they can make a decision.

The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.

We trust something in a grocery store and assume it`s good. We don`t learn about the most precious thing in life-the food we put in our body. Educate yourself!

The best defense against these people is to educate parents and children of the dangers that come along with the Internet and by limiting access to certain sites during the school day.

It means to educate myself incessantly about the world around me.

When I write down my thoughts, they do not escape me. This action makes me remember my strength which I forget at all times. I educate myself proportionately to my captured thought. I aim only to distinguish the contradiction between my mind and nothingness.

Let`s not leave an educational vacuum to be filled by religious extremists who go to families who have no other option and offer meals, housing and some form of education. If we are going to combat extremism then we must educate those very same children.

I don`t believe civilization can do a lot more than educate a person`s senses.

Every good man progressively becomes God. To become God, to be man, and to educate oneself, are expressions that are synonymous.

There are words that work, that are meant to explain and educate on policies that work, on products that work, on services that work. I`m not going to ever try to sell a lemon. I don`t do that.

It is the duty of the State to educate, and the right of the people to demand education.

If it is the duty of the State to educate, it is the duty of the State also to bear the burden of education, namely, the taxation out of which education is provided.

In 2003, Congress authorized the construction of a visitor center for the Vietnam Memorial to help provide information and educate the public about the memorial and the Vietnam War.

Agency by agency, we frequently have lost a bit of ground, at least to inflation-but had it not been for the efforts we`ve made to educate people about the importance of science, technology and advanced education, those predictions very well might have come true.

In our so-called democracy we are accustomed to give the majority what they want rather than educate them to understand what is best for them.

If I had a choice of educating my daughters or my sons because of opportunity constraints, I would choose to educate my daughters.

This awareness instills a fierce desire to protect that heritage and - in doing so - to educate Americans in the meaning and importance of our pivotal documents.

We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe; the record may seem superficial, but it is indelible. You cannot educate a man wholly out of superstitious fears which were implanted in his imagination, no matter how utterly his reason may reject them.

He has consistently opposed war and violence. He has worked for peace and to educate in particular young people about non-violence and the power of non-violence.

We`ve tried to educate people over the years. If you`re not in a high-risk area, not in danger of flooding or intense winds, stay at home, hunker down, or go to a shelter. If you`re going to evacuate, go 10 or 20 miles, not hundreds.

This national screening is celebrating its 15th year and HRA is hosting the event for this very reason -- to help bring these illnesses to the public`s attention and educate people about the necessity and power of screening,

We need to educate Americans about the real harms of marijuana if we want to sustain the gains we`ve made over the past three years.

In order to educate man to a new longing, everyday familiar objects must be shown to him with totally unexpected perspectives and in unexpected situations. New objects should be depicted from different sides in order to provide a complete impression of the object.

In an organic system you don`t waste anything. We need to educate the consumer to accept a tiny blemish on an orange.

The first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.

One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.

Sometimes you see kids addressing issues, whether it be suicide, or drugs affecting them or their family. Sometimes the poems are a cry for help - something they can`t express but they need to say. It`s feelings and emotions coming out. Not just a story to inform or educate, but true emotions. The other teens can really relate to that.

I absolutely think it`s a good idea. Children - actually, all of us - have to learn to apply the technology in our lives, and the only way we can start to do that is to know where we`re at. I don`t know much about this specific project, but I think it`s logical to find out where students are standing in order to help educate them.

My inspiration came from my desire to educate our children on the politics of the Iraq war in a light-hearted fashion.

My inspiration for Baker Tonys Pizza came from my desire to educate our children on the politics of the Iraq war in a light-hearted fashion.

The county needs to educate the public and come up with better recommendations for what types of trees should be planted.

Search engines need to better educate marketers and provide greater transparency into their methods. If they say that a certain percentage of clicks are fraudulent or if they offer a refund to marketers on some clicks, the engines will best serve marketers and agencies by being more open about how they come to such conclusions.

At Emerson we never use the term `lobby,` ... We use the term `educate.` Our management believes that if we can educate elected officials to the global challenges that American businesses face today ... that hopefully they will make better public policy decisions.

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