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I think it`s really important that the people who are going to make decisions for other people have fair, truthful and compassionate regard for all people, not just some people.

I think we have to be not so afraid of scarcity. We have to be willing to give away all things.

I loved the movies and I wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe. I thought she was so glamorous and everyone seemed to love her. I wanted to be like that and I told everyone I would be the next Marilyn Monroe.

I feel like war should occur only for the most vital and necessary reasons, and only then.

If you act like you know what you`re doing, you can do anything you want - except neurosurgery.

I thought it might be a good move to get into a beauty contest so I tried for Miss Pennsylvania and won. I think that helped me get noticed, at least by the people of Pennsylvania.

I was in Woody Allen`s Stardust Memories in 1980. It was only a bit part and I didn`t get to speak but I felt that I was in a real movie and heading where I had always wanted to be.

I like to be treated as a lady.

There are a lot of good things about being famous but there are a few not so good things too.

Well, I think when we can turn to the person sitting next to us and really see them with kindness and see ourselves reflected back - when there`s some dignity and compassion traveling back and forth.

I tried for modelling work but it was a bit slow and that`s when I took a part-time job at McDonalds. It gave me income while I was waiting for my big break and at the very least I could eat.

At first it was exhilarating but when I realized it wasn`t going away, it became scary and claustrophobic. Fame is a weird thing.

When you`re a regular gal, you look in the rearview mirror, and in the bright daylight you see that line around your mouth, but when you`re an actress and you see that line up on the big screen, it`s, like, seven feet long.

Nobody took me too seriously but I was grown up even as a baby.

Some people work hard in this business and become really popular, really big stars but they never receive an award from within the business. Somehow, when your colleagues and friends believe in you to the point of handing you an award it means so much more.

When I`m with my friends` teenage children, I always say, `Are your friends having sex yet?`

I like being a woman, not a girl.

It was not always easy because I was always an individual and found it difficult to be one of a group. One person who was very supportive was my father. My mother was great but my father really recognised my individuality and supported me in that.

A woman has many faces as she goes through her life. It`s like we need more than one hair-do. We have many, many changes in the evolution of our lives. We have, we learn, and we grow; we view life differently, and life views us differently.

The doctor told Phil, my then husband, that my condition was really bad news. They had found an artery tearing and said I could die. They said they could try to patch it up but it could go horribly wrong. It all turned out okay in the end but it was touch and go.

To be happy, to make other people happy, to get into movie production more and probably to give some other people the chances that I had, to carry on enjoying being a mum and never to stop having flowers bought for me. I`ve still got a long way to go.

Many actresses do that kind of shoot when they are in their early 20s but I didn`t think I had anything to worry about so I decided to go for it. I was very pleased with the results and it was also nice to surprise a few people.

I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?

I knew what I wanted to do even when I was a little girl.

I don`t mind being recognised, I often quite enjoy it. I don`t mind signing autographs but sometimes it can be just a bit too much.

Before I was a year old I walked and talked and I was even potty trained. When I started going to school I think I got on everyone`s nerves because I used to ask adult questions rather than settle for the stuff usually fed to kids.

I did a guest appearance on The Practice and loved it.

I loved old black and white movies, especially the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals. I loved everything about them - the songs, the music, the romance and the spectacle. They were real class and I knew that I wanted to be in that world.

I like to be bought flowers and taken out for dinner. I like a man to be a gentleman. I don`t like to be treated as if I am brainless. I like to be respected and to give respect.

I have known for some time that I can meet any man I want but that does not mean that I want to meet anyone. I certainly don`t like being forced into situations.

You know, sometimes I feel well and vital in the world, and sometimes I just feel so distressed I want to pull my hair out by the roots.

I don`t think you ever think that you have made it but I did take a look at myself one day and think back to when I was a little girl and it was nice to know that I had at least made it this far.

I couldn`t stop looking at the award when I received it. It was as if my whole career flashed in front of me, from beginning to the moment I was handed the Golden Globe.

People are just sitting there going, `I don`t care what she`s saying, I just want to know does she get naked in the movie? Is she naked? Nude nude nude naked, do I see her boobies?` -during a Basic Instinct 2 press conference

TV is so different from the movies. It takes a lot of stamina because you work such long hours. It is really challenging. You are learning the next day`s lines while you are shooting today`s scenes. I found courage I never realised I had. I hope to do more.

I feel at great pain when the spotlight is on the death of 4,000 American soldiers, while 600,000 Iraqi deaths are ignored. War is not a movie, it is a tragedy of dead bodies, victims, the disabled, orphans, widows and the displaced. I feel sad when I realize how much truth is being changed or obscured in the American media.

I was this cute young girl with a nice ass who was a terrible actress. But I`ve worked real hard to become a good actress and now I think I`m starting to reap the benefits of that hard work. (from a 1990 interview)

Being professional in what I do is very important to me. Flakes don`t make it to the top, pros do. Acting is a tough scene that becomes your whole life and to survive in that kind of environment you must be humane and honest.

When you`ve had a long career, nobody has not made movies that aren`t successful, it`s your job, not a hobby.

At 47, you have thoughtfulness and dignity and spiritual elegance...You have something to say. It`s not just, Hi! I look terrific in a bathing suit.`

People are just sitting there going, `I don`t care what she`s saying, I just want to know does she get naked in the movie? Is she naked? Nude nude nude naked, do I see her boobies?` -during a Basic Instinct 2 (2006) press conference.

For the first half of your life, you get the face that you`re born with. And for the second half you get the face you deserve. And it`s important to recognize the beauty within you and allow it to grow by being the greater person that you can be.

My children need to have someone they can look up to, someone they can look at and say, Gee, I`d like to be just like him, So I don`t want to just bring some schmuck around them. When I meet people I have to think about are they going to be a good example for my sons.

I`ve been at this so long that I knew everyone in the business long before I became famous, and I didn`t have any value to many of them. Now, suddenly, the people who were coarse and rude to me before treat me as though we`ve never met, and now I`m fabulous, they`re fabulous and isn`t it fabulous we`re chatting.

I`ve really given up my life to God, and I know that`s why I`m OK and at peace. I`ve never had a conflict when I`m praying on a set.

In this business there is Plan A, in which you become successful by living and acting with a lot of integrity. Then there`s Plan B, where you sell your soul to the Devil. I still find it hard to distinguish one from the other.

"My mother gave me a jar of Avon Rich Moisture Cream when I was 14. She said, `Don`t ask me why; you`ll thank me later.`" -Woman`s World, 4-11-06

(Talking about Basic Instinct 2 (2006)): "By the time the film is released, I will be 48 and I wanted to do the nudity in a way that`s quite brazen. I wanted her to be very masculine, like a man in a steam room and I wanted the audience to have a moment where they realize she`s naked and then realize that she`s a forty something woman and naked. Because we`re not used to seeing that in movies. We`re used to seeing Sean Connery and his granddaughter, you know what I mean? Or Mel Gibson and his daughter".

Celebrity is a pretty stunning thing. At first I was like `They love me! Oh, I love them, too!` And suddenly, I was tap-dancing on my pedestal and it was WHACK! Facedown in the dirt.

The villain is like a cobra. They watch, they watch, they watch. And then they strike.

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