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Natalie Portman: People think the film industry is going to corrupt me, but I feel like it's kept me more innocent, in a way. I wasn't really home when my friends were trying pot for the first time. I was always around adults who wouldn't smoke or curse or do anything like that around me. I don't do things that are dangerous to myself. I don't want to hurt myself. (

Natalie Portman: (about auditioning for "Romeo + Juliet") They said it looked like Leonardo was molesting me when we kissed. It was really disappointing, but I wouldn't have wanted to be in the movie and have it look wrong. If I was in the film, I would have wanted it to be perfect. (

Natalie Portman: My dad's a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a chicken had to die, I never ate meat again. (

Natalie Portman: There's always pressure, from other people and yourself. If you're happy with the looks you're born with, then what are you going to do your whole life?. We keep thinking up new things and finding better ways of doing things because we're not happy with what we're given. (

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My dad`s a doctor, and when I was 8, I went to one of his medical conferences where they were demonstrating laser surgery on a chicken. I was so mad that a chicken had to die, I never ate meat again.

There are movies where we are interested in seeing people`s lives without agreeing with what they`re doing.

I like acting for now. But after seeing Apollo 13, what I really want to do is to be an astronaut. I`m dying to go to a space camp next summer!

They tell me: `OK, this is where we`re going to push up your cleavage,` and I`m like, `What cleavage?`

My father has a general rule. He says if I haven`t done it in real life I shouldn`t do it on-screen.

Where I live, nobody who`s fourteen is having sex and doing major drugs. And I think if you see it in the movies, you may be influenced by it. I think it`s so important to preserve your innocence.

Star Wars hasn`t changed my life at all.

When I was 7 years old, I put on shows for everyone at my grandpa`s funeral. I was always the little entertainer.

Ninety per cent of how you learn is watching great people. When you are surrounded by good actors it lifts your performance.

Cute is when your personality shines through your looks. Like, when you see someone`s personality in the way they walk and you just feel like hugging them every time you see them.

I wanted to be able to form my own sexual identity. If other people have you in their mind as some sort of sex object, you have two choices: either live up to it and become super-sexual or rebel against it and be super-asexual.

I was really excited to get to shave my head - it`s something I`d wanted to do for a while and now I had a good excuse. It was nice to shed that level of vanity.

When a guy tells me I`m cute, it`s not something desirable. Cute is more like what you want your pet to be.

Awards are so unnecessary, because I think we get so much out of our work just by doing it. The work is a reward in itself.

I`m a Gemini, so I change my mind every day.

I don`t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

I get like 400 Holocaust scripts. That`s what you get for being the openly Jewish actress!

I don`t think I`ve ever been in love, I`m sure I will be some day. I`ve had enormous crushes, although I`ve never been into the Brad Pitt thing.

I was really into dancing, taking six classes a week, and my real dream was to be in a Broadway show.

I`m going to college. I don`t care if it ruins my career. I`d rather be smart than a movie star.

I am not someone who sacrifice all for the cinema, my life will be always more important.

It scares me to think that one day I`m not going to be in school anymore.

I remember how to be a person by being around them.

The only place I am recognized all the time is in L.A. and otherwise, it`s only about once a day. I feel pretty anonymous.

I`m always on the phone because I`m usually not with the people I want to be with.

I speak fluent Hebrew and even dream in Hebrew when we visit there, once or twice a year.

I`ve stood up to producers before, and even a director. I saw them being abusive. A lot of people on the set are scared to say stuff when they`re not being treated right.

Going to a party, for me, is as much a learning experience as, you know, sitting in a lecture.

It`s always strange being a kid on the set, because you`re treated like an equal when you`re working. But then when you break, the other actors go back to their trailers to take naps and drink beer, and I have to, like, go do school.

There`s always pressure, from other people and yourself. If you`re happy with the looks you`re born with, then what are you going to do your whole life?. We keep thinking up new things and finding better ways of doing things because we`re not happy with what we`re given.

The best part about being friends with your parents is that no matter what you do, they have to keep loving you.

br**st implants gross me out. I don`t think they`re attractive at all.

If you`re an actress or a musician, everyone thinks you`re hot.

I loved school so much that most of my classmates considered me a dork.

Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.

(On Hillary Clinton) A lot of the stuff people say about her, I hear it and my stomach falls because it`s so sexist. You ask people why they don`t like her and it`s because her husband cheated on her! That was obviously not her choice. She`s so much more polished and experienced than anyone else. Last night, a friend, a social worker in L.A. who works with underprivileged kids, was saying how these girls who have never been interested in politics before are so excited that a woman might be president. I mean, look how many women are in government...Hillary`s one of, what, (a handful of) female senators? I also like Obama. I even like McCain. I disagree with his war stance -- which is a really big deal -- but I think he`s a very moral person. I met him and Hillary on the same day, actually, when I went to Washington with Finca (a nonprofit that gives loans to businesswomen in developing countries). Hillary was by far the smartest person I met that day. Just totally focused, and knew more about the issues than anyone else, and was so able to go from one thing to the other.

(on her mixed feelings about nudity) I`m really not prudish about doing nudity. I think it`s beautiful in films, and sex is such a big part of life, and nudity is obviously our natural state. That`s not my issue. My issue is that I feel it takes something away from what you`re doing. And also that it can be used afterwards for different purposes. Misappropriated.

Overall, to get a real deep, nuanced understanding of human behaviour, art is the best way.

(On the dangers of too-early celebrity) I`ve been lucky enough that most of my big falls have been missed by the tabloids. And I think the other people have not been so lucky. It`s a tricky thing, and not necessarily a positive thing,that young people are working and seeking this kind of attention. Getting this sort of attention changes them.

Last year I did something that I wasn`t comfortable with, and I`m really sorry I didn`t listen to my intuition. There was a scene in a movie that felt inappropriate for me, but I didn`t want to make waves... From now on, I`m going to trust my gut more. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is say `no.` - Referring to a torture scene she filmed for Goya`s Ghosts, to Parade

(On regretting doing nudity): I`m really sorry I didn`t listen to my intuition. From now on, I`m going to trust my gut more. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is say no.

(On preparing for her role as Queen Amidala) "George worked with me a lot, on changing my voice and my movement and the way I carried myself. We worked on this accent that ... kinda goes to old, older generations of actresses who used kind of an unidentifiable accent. `Is it American or is it British?` and I watched Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn. If you look at them, their voices and the stature is so regal, even in their everyday characters. And that`s kinda why I used it to model after".

When I was nine and attending a Jewish school, we had different kosher lunches served. We weren`t kosher at home. My mom used to make me chicken salad sandwiches and I would have to lie to everyone, saying it was tuna. "It doesn`t smell like tuna," they`d say.

I aspire to make more comedies because we never see enough good ones.

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