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Johnny apology after comparing photoshoots to being r*ped
"I am truly sorry for offending anyone in any way. I never meant to. It was a poor choice of words on my part in an effort to explain a feeling. “I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology." (

On his greatest acheivement
"If you call meeting Vanessa an “achievement,” it was certainly that. It came at the right time. We were both ready for children, and she’s given me Lily Rose, who is now 11 years old, and Jack, who’s 9. I saw Vanessa across a room – and I first saw only her back! But I immediately thought: “That’s the woman for me.” That was nearly 12 years ago."
(2011) (

About his long-lasting relationship with Vanessa
"We have a miraculous understanding of one another and we don't ever talk about the business. We don't talk about her work or my work. In that sense our life is very, very simple. We are great, great friends and we're in love." (

“It’s like someone you used to know and wonder why things looked so ugly from his perspective. When I was 30 I wasn’t that convinced I would make it to 40, but maybe I had to go through all the crap that had built up inside me to get to a point where I could start enjoying life. When I met Vanessa, I was still drifting. But being with her has just blown me away and made me a better man. Ten years ago I never would have believed in the kind of life I have now as a father, although I still wonder if it’s OK to be this happy." (

On being named the sexiest man alive in 2003 by People Magazine
"My sister called me and said, Hey, guess what. Its so odd. I was glad I was in Paris at the time, because I thought nobody would know. Then, at the bar at the Ritz Hotel, a guy goes, Hey, man, congratulations. A friend of mine ran into Gerard Depardieu. When I saw my friend, he said, Oh, by the way, Gerard says to tell the sexiest man alive&. I mean, if somebody actually believes it, Im deeply flattered, but I dont get it myself. Its mortifying. You think, Where does that come from? Why did they choose me? Why now? I guess its just my time." (

When Vanessa brought out her last album, "Bliss", I was very proud. And not just because it was her. I knew the process of the maturing of the album. I knew at which point she gave herself. I have assisted at that as a witness. "Bliss" is a pure work. Like Vanessa herself, who always shows that she's incredibly wise, incredibly funny. Generous and French. She grew up very fast. The environment of show business didn't leave her a choice. I also admire 'La Fille sur le Pont' (The Girl on the Bridge), by Patrice Leconte. Especially the first ten minutes where she talks to the camera. That isn't acted. That's really her. The Americans brought up with vulgar tabloids - break up of Pamela Anderson, last brushing of David Hasselhoff - are probably waiting for us to break up. Not the French. They are happy to see people in love. They encourage us. They approve of us. They give us their blessing. They have a side of "good future" that deeply touches me.
(2003) (

Marriage definitely isn’t against my principles. But in our eyes we are already married: she’s my wife, I’m her husband, we have two children. Lily-Rose Melody and Jack both have my family-name, Depp, although afterwards I regret that a bit. Vanessa has the perfect name. If we get married one day, I would like to have it: "Johnny Paradis". A bit like Johnny Halliday. (laughs) (

About where he met Vanessa Paradis
"On the set of Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate. I fell madly in love from the moment I met her. I quickly understood that I couldn't live without her and I took the decision to make a new life for myself in Paris." (

Was it love at first sight between you and Vanessa?
"Yes. What struck me first of all was her beauty. And what touched me afterwards was her tenderness. I can tell you that in these days of serial marriages, Vanessa and I are a solid couple." (

My family is my paradise ! What really cheers me up is to know that they are all doing fine. This is the reason why we always travel all together. Today what I enjoy the most are simple things such as : my family, a nice glass of wine and a cigarette. (

Vanessa is really like a miracle for me. I've been with her for three years, and I'm feeling as if I had met the person I had searched for since I was a child. She is kind of the person I found out, searching for all over the world, the real significant other, or the person I can feel as if we had met somewhere sometime. I'm truly happy with her. Vanessa understands me so much. (

About Vanessa Paradis and their first pregnancy
"The truth is we had such an amazing pregnancy for nine months, we were truly blessed, so watching and experiencing that together was magical, just incredible.

And literally, at the risk of sounding corny, I fell in love with Vanessa every day all over again." (

About Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose
"I found a girl, fell in love, she had a baby, and i fell in love again." (

That’s the best advice I could give; is just to keep moving forward and don’t give a sh*t what anybody thinks, you know? Just keep moving forward and do what you do for you. (

Farting... It’s beautifully, blatantly anti-social (

Sweeney Todd's song Johanna:
The one that was probably the most challenging was “Johanna.” It’s such an emotional song. And as far as I was concerned, when Stephen Sondheim writes the note and it has to be held for this many beats, you do it. I don’t care if you’re from Miramar or Kentucky or you’re an ass and you don’t sing. It doesn’t matter. Don’t be a p*ssy, you f**ckin’ hold that note. You can’t cheat. You can’t whisper. You can’t do a William Shatner thing. You just gotta belt it out. (

About his daugther name
"In fact it was the only name that we’d come up with for a girl, ‘Lily-Rose’. We both loved the name ‘Lily’, and I think Vanessa’s mom suggested the ‘Rose’ part. My mom’s name is Betty-Sue and we wanted something that sounded kinda like ‘Betty-Sue’, that sort of southern thing. So ‘Lily-Rose’. And ‘Melody’, which is her middle name, was after a Serge Gainsbourg song called ‘Melody Nelson’. (

About River Phoenix's death:
What a waste. What a waste of a talented, beautiful guy. Obviously, whatever 'it' is, he had it. He was luminous - a brilliant guy with great taste. But on the other side of that, he was a kid, and that can be a dangerous thing to be, especially in that world, being in that position. I was very lucky I pulled out of it, but River - he didn't get out. There was so much ahead for him. Like the beauty and the luxury of making a family. (

The Paparazzi Incident:
We were at a restaurant, and Vanessa was extremely pregnant. All they wanted were photographs of me and Vanessa and the belly. At that point I thought, 'Man, I'm not one of those whiny actors who says, 'Oh, the paparazzi, they wont leave me alone.' I could give a f**ck about it.

However, on this particular night I just decided, Look, this is my girl. This is our first baby. I'm not going to let you f**king people turn this into a circus. You ain't turning this deeply, profoundly beautiful, spiritual, life-changing experience into a novelty. Not without a fight.

I went out and talked to them. I said, 'Look, guys, I know what you're after. I understand you have a job to do. But you're just not going to turn this into a circus. Just give us a break. You're not going to get what you want tonight. I'll see you another time.' They were very aggressive: 'F**ck you, Johnny.' That kind of sh*t.

I swung around and told Vanessa, 'Go out the front door, get in the car so they don't get us together or get your belly. She did. She was in the car, so everything was going to be cool, but they were so sh*tty.

One guy was trying to hold the door open. He had his hand wedged in there. I looked down at the ground, and there was a 17-inch wooden plank, a two-by-two or something. Instinct took over. I picked it up and whacked the guys hand. I went outside and said, 'Now I want you to take my picture, because the first f**king guy who hits a flash, I'm going to kick his skull in. Let's go. Take my picture.'

They didn't take my picture. I was livid. They walked backward down the street. I walked them away from Vanessa in the car and down this other street. It was beautiful. It was well worth it. It was kind of poetic. The next thing I knew, I saw flashing lights on the buildings around me. And a paddy wagon. It was brief. It was around 11:30 or midnight, and I was out by five or six the next morning.

No one filed charges against me, because they didn't want their names exposed. Had they filed charges they would have had to give their names and would have lost their anonymity. The cops were actually terrific, real sweet. As I said, I didn't mind as much before I had kids. Everything changes when it comes to my children. (2004) (

I remember being in seventh grade and I was one of the kids that was considered a burnout. I had the most intense crush on this very popular girl. I pined for this girl, like beyond Romeo and Juliet. Shocking. I just chewed my tongue up for her. Eighth grade comes along, we hang out a little at those parties where you end up making out. So we did that and I just couldn't have been happier. Then she goes for the football guy, and leaves me just dangling in the breeze. Years later, after I dropped out of high school. I'm playing a club. I'm on stage and I look out and I'm like, 'F**ck, it's her!' So I finish the set and I go directly to the bar where she's sitting and I walk up to her and it's that face, man - incredible. And I went, 'It's so nice to see you!' And I look at her and she's 250 pounds! She is mammoth! She's as wide as this table, but her face is still the same. And I went, 'Oh my, nice to see you - how many kids do you have?' And she had four kids. And I thought, 'What fitting payback for f**cking breaking my heart when I was a little kid.' (1995) (

America is dumb, it's like a dumb puppy that has big teeth that can bite and hurt you, aggressive. My daughter is four, my boy is one. I'd like them to see America as a toy, a broken toy. Investigate it a little, check it out, get this feeling and then get out."

(Johnny felt this was translated poorly by the German magazine Der Spiegel, and not what he really said to the reporter - see next quote)
"Taken in context, what I was saying was that, compared to Europe, America is a very young country and we are still growing as a nation. It is a shame that the metaphor I used was taken so radically out of context and slung about irresponsibly by the news media. There was no anti-American sentiment. In fact, it was just the opposite. I am an American. I love my country and have great hopes for it. It is for this reason that I speak candidly and sometimes critically about it. I have benefited greatly from the freedom that exists in my country and for this I am eternally grateful."

"What can I say (about George W. Bush)? He's somebody's kid. He's somebody's father. God bless him. Good luck. You know what I mean? I don't agree with his politics, and I'm not going to pretend to, but I don't agree with a lot of people's politics. (2004) (

I do have an affinity for damaged people, in life, in roles. I don't know why. We're all damaged in our own way. Nobody's perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us (

I'm attracted to the people who are considered freaks. Since I was young, I've identified with characters considered by "normal" society to be outcasts and oddballs. (

Winona Forever:
It's here on my arm. It was the kind of thing you do on the spur of the moment - f**k it, lets do it. Then you break up, but it's still there: a girl's name on my arm.
It can turn a situation a little sticky. I changed it to Wino Forever, which is actually a bit more accurate. (

Trips to the dentist - I like to postpone that kind of thing. (

For many years they said I was a wild man. Now they say I'm a former wild man, former bad boy, former rebel. I guess 'former' because now I'm a dad. The media tries to stuff you into a mold. It happens to everybody. (2004) (

You start getting cracks in your face, and f**k it, why not? I earned it. (

I have a lot of love inside me and a lot of anger inside as well. If I love somebody, then I'm gonna love 'em. If I'm angry and I've got to lash out or hit somebody, I'm going to do it, and I don't care what the repercussions are. Anger doesn't pay rent, it's gotta go. It's gotta be evicted. (1995) (

I experimented with drugs and I experimented with everything that little boys do - vandalism, throwing eggs at cars, breaking and entering schools and destroying a room. But I finally got to a point where I looked around and said, 'This is not getting me anywhere. I'm stagnating with these guys.' They were getting drunk and high every weekend. I got out. (

My childhood was strange, though then again, it was normal to us. It wasn't until I started going to other kids' houses and hanging out, having dinner, seeing what a family is supposed to do that I saw that we weren't normal. (

I pretty much fell in love with Vanessa the moment I set eyes on her. As a person, I was pretty much a lost cause at that point of my life. She turned all that around for me with her incredible tenderness and understanding. Very quickly, I realised I couldn't live without her. She made me feel like a real human being instead of someone Hollywood had manufactured. It sounds incredibly corny and phoney, but that's exactly what happened to me and what she has meant to me. (

When I met Vanessa, I was still drifting. But being with her has just blown me away and made me a better man. Ten years ago I never would have believed in the kind of life I have now as a father, although I still wonder if it's OK to be this happy. (

After we started dating I worked a long, long day and night, and I came home, back to my apartment in Paris, at three or four in the morning. Vanessa was there, and she was cooking for me. That's not to say that a woman must cook for a man, that's not what I'm saying, but it took me by surprise. It was a whole new ball game for me. I'd never experienced that before. It was like she was a woman not afraid to be a woman. I hope that doesn't sound weird or sexist, because it's not. I'm totally in agreement that women are the stronger, smarter, more evolved sex. (

About meeting with Vanessa Paradis again "We met briefly years ago. I remember thinking, 'Ouch.' It was just hello, but the contact was electric. That was in 1993. It wasnt until 1998, when I went to do the Polanski film The Ninth Gate and was in the lobby of the hotel, getting messages. I turned around and across the lobby saw this back. She had on a dress with an exposed back. I thought, 'Wow.' Suddenly the back turned and she looked at me. I walked right over, and there were those eyes again. I knew it was her. She asked, "Do you remember me?" I said, "Oh yeah." We had a drink, and it was over with at that point. I knew I was in big trouble. (

It was in the lobby of this restaurant. I just saw this back, across the room. Suddenly the back turned and looked at me. And then the eyes that were attached to the back walked towards me, and just walked right up to me and said, “Hi, do you remember me?” And I went, “Yes.” I didn’t remember - it came to me a few seconds later - but I was just like, “uh, uh, uh...” (It was) love at first sight in a strange way, because I had actually met her a number of years before. (

About Vanessa Paradis “She was wearing a dress with an exposed back and i saw that back and that neck, and then she turned around and i saw those eyes, and — boom! — my life as a single man was done.” (

About Vanessa Paradis
“I am not sure if I’ve ever felt real love with anyone until I met Vanessa, I have been really in love with her since the day we met and I know it sounds corny but I cannot imagine life without her, what we have is real and mutual understanding something that I’ve never experienced with anyone before, and it gets stronger and stronger and that’s gonna keep us together for a longtime, hopefully for the rest of our lives”. (

Vanessa is my wife and I, I'm her husband. We don't care to have a piece of paper
to prove it. Someday, maybe, Lily Rose will come and ask us why aren't we married ?
Now, I don't want to ruin Vanessa last name with my awful Depp name.
It's so pretty Vanessa Paradis ! (

Vanessa is someone really special, quite unique. (

Are you romantic when you're in love? 'I don't know. You'll have to ask her, but certainly I do things to make her happy, feel good. I want to do that with my mum, my sisters, my friends - so certainly with Vanessa, yes.' (

About Vanessa Paradis 'I believe in something at first sight, absolutely,' he says. 'But you can never truly love a person till you know them. You have this feeling, but you can't really explain it. I had that when I first saw Vanessa. When I met up with her again, I saw her across a room, just her back, and it was an instant sort of, 'Oh my God, what's happening?' But then I had no way of knowing how great a person she was, and how great a mother she would turn out to be. She's unbelievable.' (

About Vanessa Paradis "We were already going out when she finished shooting "The girl on the bridge".
At the same time, I was shooting "The ninth gate".
We saw each other every single night, every single day,
we couldn't stay far one to another for long. You couldn't possibly tear us apart.
When I first saw "The girl on the bridge", I was deeply impressed by
what was coming out of the movie, beyond the image on the screen.
You can't see her method of acting, no real effort, no work;
she is just the most alive person, a genuine one. I was truly and deeply impressed.
I'm quite sure, the day our Lily-Rose will be in age to understand and see this movie,
she would feel the same pride I feel for her mother.
There is something really rare and precious in this movie." (

Vanessa (Paradis), for me, has been kind of a miracle. (

About Vanessa Paradis and their daughter "What’s beautiful? May daughter is beautiful, my girl is beautiful, my life is beautiful, my family is beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful things. " (

About Amber Heard: "When I first saw Amber, it was like seeing an old time movie star like Lauren Bacall." (

About having a family with Vanessa Paradis: "It took me a while to figure out what I wanted and then I met the woman who made me see what I was missing. But raising a family and spending so much time with our kids is what has really had the most calming influence on me. They became my focus and it put things into perspective. Nothing makes me happier than watching Vanessa and my kids and just realising that they’re my world. It’s pure joy.” (

From "The rum diary": I wonder what it is you might think about our different worlds. He looked at me kinda sideways and said, "Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who claim a God, and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn't got one. Does the world belong to no one but you?" And when he said it, I was taken aback. Not because of who was doing the talking. Because I finally understood the connection between children scavenging for food, and shiny brass plates on the front doors of banks." (

From "Dark Shadows": "It is said that blood is thicker than water. It is what joins us, binds us... curses us. My name is Barnabas Collins, and my curse is finally broken." (

About Angelina Jolie: “She’s impressive. She’s a force.” (

About Angelina Jolie: "Angelina is a perfect beauty, like a walking poem." (

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